Balancing Ranvir

Now the strongest hero’s are going to be “balanced” how ab out Ranvir? The accuracy should be minus 35% but that would be my dream on a titan. After looking back movies of the fights he misses way way more then that, he misses over 60%. In my alliance almost no one is using him because they come to the same conclusion. Can someone explain what I’m missing here?

Alternate ideas:
Removing HP Limitation by @HFW


They didn’t want to make him too much stronger than Wu Kong but he’s basically a tiny bit less damage. But casts earlier and has better survivability. Wouldn’t mind if they lessened his miss chance to 30-32% and upped his damage increase with 20%. I have sometimes considered to even throw him out against purple titans and bring Miki instead, especially after you see a diamond where 8 out of 11 misses. But he also has maybe 2 entries in my top 10 Titan hits so the misses balance out over time. But still wish he was a clear upgrade to Wu Kong.


For what it’s worth, people have the same thoughts about Wu Kong

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Yea I 100% bring Miki over Ranvir. Ranvir is a waste imo.

An alliance mate of mine noted that Ranvir would actually be more useful if he were slightly nerfed. If you dropped his special’s duration to 4 turns instead of 5 it would match up with Wilbur’s and Jackal’s specials. Right now, if you want to avoid the chance of them missing, you need to wait an extra turn. Take Ranvir’s duration to 4 and reduce his miss rate a touch and he’d be worth using.


When there is 30% healing on a hero you get that 30%, why is that different with wu and Ranvir?

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Too bad he doesn’t have 5 skill topics :two_hearts:

RANVIR is the worst hero, a lot of failure and defense and mediocre life to be 5, many heroes were polished and those of us who do not have Miki keep waiting for them to fix it, the failure is too much, it is better to remove the damage and why not do it like Miki or similar but in yellow, everyone goes to titan with Miki and the Ranvir team we only see failure we are TIRED of such a useless hero, let’s hope they fix it a bit so that it does not continue in the list of worst heroes of empires

Hi there,

I don’t think Ranvir is that bad. I like using him on titans and against dark tanks in raids. I think he does need suitable support so I make sure he has at least one utility hero in the team. I also make sure he is the last heroes special I fire off on my turn, otherwise my other hero specials tend to miss.

There maybe an argument for adjusting his att/def/hp statistics but I haven’t collected enough data on him to argue this case strong enough.

How are you using him?

I have Miki, so have no real need for him on titans, though if I lacked Miki or Tarlak I’d still definitely use him. Yes, the misses can be frustrating, but his net damage dealt is higher than the other two albeit frustrating. Also, he’s better on offense than he is given credit for IMO.


I like Ranvir. Of course I don’t have miki and no tonics for Tarlak. Yeah the misses can anger a person but the hits are great. Now that I have woolerton I can really manipulate the hit/miss on offense by applying her heal at the right time. And that attack stat is great even without firing his special on titans.

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The problem is, you maxed Ranvir knowing full well what his skills entail. Fret not, Atlantis is still up and you may still get a chance with Tarlak. Or wait for July Atlantis to get a chance with Miki as one of the four featured heroes.

Add to him Anzogh and Mitsuko…

He is a 5 star Wu, with faster mana. Use his as such and don’t expect him to be more than he is - titans as his jam and he does well in that aspect of the game. I don’t use him for anything but that.

Nah, he’s a Wu with a built in Caedmon or Drake-ish hit (not massive for a 5*, but certainly useful) plus the Wu mechanic shuts itself off when youre ahead so functions primarily as a comeback mechanism with a 350-400ish hit you can use to secure kills.

Significantly better than Wu for attack. Perhaps not top tier, but still very solid

Guess it depends on your roster…imo he is far too weak a hitter for raids and war, and his miss % isn’t worth the bother for big buff.

It’s a really big buff though. Seeing single-tile damage figures like this makes it tough to not want to try to master that brutal learning curve:
Granted, that’s on a purple hero, but that still works out to like 867 damage on a similar non-weak hero and probably closer to 700-800 vs a more stout defender, but that still means that if 2 out of 3 tiles hit a defender you nearly 100% to dead just about any defender.

The only fix I would add to Ranvir is that instead of 35% miss chance, he would have 35% of attacking with attack stat reduced to 1.


Because then the hit for 1 hp would still contribute to stunning the titan.

To me him being so unreliable for stunning instantly scratches him off the high level titan teams. I don’t mind the dmg gamble as much as this.


While I would support this change because I do wish his Titan reliability were better, we should note that it would be a nerf to him on offense, as misses currently do not charge defenders.

LOL. The sad thing is, Wu Kong costume version might be better than Ranvir.

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