Balancing Raids

Really wish you would balance the Raids, I’m tired of hardly being able to raid, as 95% of the opponents are WAY higher than mine. I also have to spend thousands in food to try to find a reasonable opponent only to have to walk away without raiding. You seem to balance the heros yet not the raids.
Thanks for listening.

Do you mind expounding upon what you mean in balancing raids? I’m not sure I understand what your issue is. Is it the team power you’re being matched with? Is it the heroes the teams consist of? Which tier are you fighting in? Diamond, platinum, gold? What exactly is the issue that needs balanced?

Team power is not an indicator of whether the team is powerful or not. Hero skills are just as if not even more important than team power. Even if you have a team that’s 400-500 power weaker to the defence, with the right skills you can defeat that team

This has been discussed multiple times before. The nature of the simpleton AI demands that our opponents be tougher than we are. I don’t go around beating up children in the supermarket as much as it might be temporarily satisfying. But guy and girl ‘Karens’?

Every reroll only cost 100 in ham x your stronghold level. For me that is just not meaningful. 2500 in ham? How often does a raid yield less than 2500 in ham?

I’m still trying to figure out hero strength in raids and I find some of the team strengths bewildering. :frowning_face: Normally If my opponent is within 400 pts of my attack team, I have a chance. (I’m 4103tp defense). Maybe they could introduce periodic rules like AW, like war equalizer etc?

You are most welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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