Balancing of old heroes

Hi, are you considering balancing of old heroes, like say, Vivica. Her limited skill ability and slow mana are not comparable anymore with other 5 star healers.

Also, Perseus. As a HOTM, the effect is quite useful but his damage is really underwhelming.

Hi, I have the same question. Nice to see so many new heroes. But the old heroes like Vivica, Lianna and so on deserves also new skills abilities.
So please consider to make more balance of old heroes.

greetings Darth

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Yeah, some heroes are really overpowered and 90 of 100 people in the raid top 100 use them in their defense team front.

For example:
Guinevere (could be downgraded by one of her 3 attacks or downgraded in any other way)
Zelina (could get medium mana regeneration and would be still much better than Horghall)
Gravemaker (could get fast mana regeneration only instead of very fast)

And some heroes are really weak for their 5 stars…

For example:

Vivica (to slow for the highest healer, could get only 22% healing and fast mana regeneration)
Horghall (to slow or not enough skills, Zelina is the same hero with the same damage and fast(!) mana reload instead of slow and 2 more special skills)
Guardian Owl (could get an upgrade to slow mana regeneration instead of very slow)
Master Lepus (just really bad for an event hero. Downgrading his own defense without dealing much more damage than other heroes is just useless)

It would be much more gamefun if everybody with a full 5* team got a chance to set up an awesome combination in his defense team, not only players with the current overpowered heroes.

Give every 5* hero the chance to be good and useful in a good team combination and make eventheroes or HOTM just 5% stronger, not 150 or more %.

The game was good so far, but now it looks like you are on the best way for a pay2win game