Balanced Opening Boards

So, two of the biggest issues the community voices itself with is 1) buffing/nerfing heroes, and 2) so-called rigged boards.

Although I believe we are heading in the right direction with hopefully more regular balance updates to gradually address the first issue, and unless a whistleblower from SGG comes forth I don’t think boards are rigged (regardless of having said that to myself and alliance mates on those bad board days!) I think one thing can be done to reduce the frustration that leads to both of these issues.

Boards are 7x5 grids. We have 5 elements. Why not have 7 tiles of each element always on the opening board? Or - and I think this is actually better - have a minimum of 5 tiles of each element.

It reduces the chance for bad boards (though does not eliminate them, you can still not get ideal tiles as you make your moves) and also gives you more opportunity to work the board, i.e. using skill.

No more running a 3-2 to only get 3 tiles total of those two elements across the first 3 turns!

I know this would seem to harm mono, but theoretically you’re guaranteed say 5 tiles in my example, and up to 15!

Maybe the numbers can be juggled. Minimum 4 tiles per element, maximum 10? Maybe I’m overlooking something quite obviously stupid about this? But imagine, fairer boards equal less frustration and less perceptions of “boards are rigged” or “hero X is OP and needs a nerf!”