Белоснежка (Balance Snow White)

Изменить чтобы снимала недуги только со своих сюзников

Translation added by @DaveCozy

Change her to remove ailments from allies only

just small correction;)
change her special skill to dispels not buffs on all allies.

Hi guys!

Currently Snowwhite is quite useless.
The main reason is the direct damage and mass cleaning of status ailments for both enemies and allies.
Slow mana is also not very good, but I understand it’s hard to change and keep the hero balanced.

Rebalance propositions:

  1. Dot damage up to 720 in 4 turns;
  2. Dot damage up to 500 in 4 turns + mana regeneration debuff for 3 turns;
  3. Leave the direct damage as it is, but don’t dispell defense debuffs from enemies and attack buffs from allies;
  4. Stealing enemies’ buffs + reflect aliies’ debuffs (like Lady Loki) + direct damage 250%;
  5. Do the direct damage before cleaning status ailments.

Kindly ask to think about it :slight_smile:
It’s a hard-to-get hero which is, in fact, pretty much useless as it is.
Thank you!