Balance Raids Please

Seeing how the makers of the game has been doing some “Balancing” it would be awesome if they decided to ‘Balance’ the raid opponents. I’m tired of getting opponents that are way beyond my power and if I do choose to fight ones in my range, I lose usually over half than if I win. If this isn’t fixed I doubt I’ll continue in the raids. It’s no fun when I am constantly getting my butt kicked.
Thanks for listening.

Especially terrible today all I’m getting is match ups against top 200

AFAIK, raid arenas are not supposed to have the “balance” you seek. You are mostly pitted against a player also belonging to that raid tier, and maybe a tier below or higher than you depending on where you are at.

Indeed, as you gain more cups, you may be paired by a team with a team power beyond yours, or with coveted heroes designed to wreck havok on the attacker with maxed epic troops to boot. As you advance in your raid trophy count, so does the monster of defenses you face.

Either you lack the necessary heroes and troops to combat these giants, or you lack the guts and ability to combat them effectively either with the the best hero synergy available at your disposal and/or superb tile play. If you belong to the latter, best to reroll and find suitable targets that you can handle or go to lower raid arenas. But if you have enough guts, battle these monsters out. Sometimes, a David wins over these Goliath. Some use all 4* heroes maxed and emblemed to test their mettle against heavily emblemed legendary heroes supported with very high leveled troops. You need to max and perhaps emblem more heroes to give you roster depth and variety. You also don’t ignore the importance of troops to be leveled.

Raids is just a facet in the game. And it is a good practice ground for you to hone your tileplay skills as well as learning and/or relearning the best synergies of the heroes in your roster. Be bold. It will be rewarding when war comes in your alliance.

Bear in mind that there is no impregnable defense. RNG is the great equalizer, and the source of all players’ woes.


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