Balance meat and iron

I am currently in strong hold 11 and have 7 farms and only 3 iron mines. This sense to me seeing that I need over 200,000 iron to upgrade a building . Maybe they could allow the iron building to harvest iron at the rate of the 7 farms! Does any one agree with this ?

Yes, you get more food than iron. However, you also spend a lot more food to train and level heroes, level troops, craft potions, and level some building. The amount of both resources you get is proportional to the amount you need to use.

Thx for replying. It may seem balance but when you have 7 farms and 3 mines that is not balance . You forget that if you craft arrows make banners or an axe for 11,000 iron . You can go thru that iron pretty quickly. I’ve been playing for a month and every time I turn around I need more iron . I’m not saying lower the amount of food you get just simply allows us to have more iron.

That’s fair. Once you reach SH20 and get your fourth mine it evens out. Also they didn’t change the amount of iron when the introduced the second builder, so that could be a factor.

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I’m on stronghold 16, I still have just three mines and eight farms. I always have iron and am desperate for more food!

Later building takes 2 days plus and my iron reserve fills up in plenty of time. When buildings cost multiple millions, 11k on an axe becomes peanuts.

So don’t worry, it evens out with patience.


Ok thx for the heads up , this advice really helps . I don’t believe in rushing into a game and like to upgrade every building before moving on. So I’ll just keep completing all the task and events . I just got wu kong so he’s been very helpfully especially with the raiding.

Im also at SH11, I have 7 farms: 3 at lvl 10, 2 at lvl 9 and 2 at lvl8; 3 mines lvl11, 3 training camps at lvl 11, 4, 9
My question is: Should I stay at SH11 till I lvl farms, and storage (Food and iron ) to lvl 11 or should I lvl SH…and to which lvl . Will it cost more to lvl all these when at higher SH’s?
Don’t want to go wrong on this since its already hard enough to level anything since I’m always way short on iron, even with a second builder I got with the VIP Pass. I don’t think I will get another pass, I’m going to try to make it free play, don’t want to fall in the habit of spending on the game. Up to now, my 2nd builder is idle most of the time do to lack of iron.
I’d appreciate some advice on this.

you will also need LOTS FOOD for crafting items later on if you want to smash quest and titans and events
plus upting your toops keep going mate

In the end game you will wish you had more food. They have had suggestions to make a way to convert iron/food back and forth. I personally think this would make more sense to me. Food in the end is needed more than iron. And iron is needed more at the start, while your food goes to waste.

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