Balance matchmaking?



I recently just got this game. I have to say, in my 15 years of gaming, I have never experienced such unbalanced multiplayer gameplay. No matter what game mode I search, whether it just be 1v1’s, 2v2’s, or a full 4v4 match, I get put against people with 800+ hours, compared to my 20.

I see absolutely no reason to have even include something that tracks your skill if you’re just going to constantly get matched with people LEAGUES better than you. I have not found a single multiplayer game where my skill in on par with my eneimies, or my allies.

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What game are you playing dude? 1v1, 2v2? 4v4?


He’s talking about Raid, I think.

Here was my recent advice in another thread:


It can’t be. There’s no such thing as 1v1 2v2 or full 4v4 match here.


If he’s not talking about Raid, what is he talking about??


What are you talking about? Why did you just copy paste something from a different game here? How is this relevant to this game?


I’m wondering that too :roll_eyes: