Balance in game

What next with strengthening old characters (mainly statistics) as part of improving the game’s balance?

Hm… :thinking:

If you’re requesting, or proposing, older heroes be given in-game unconditional buff in stats, then I very highly doubt it will happen. SGG seem to use costumes as this statistical improvement.

If you’re asking whether they’ll do it, then I still highly doubt they’ll do it. SGG way of dealing with balance is significantly different to what most players would consider balance.

I’m sure similar has been proposed before, but I’m sleepy…

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yes i support this !

Good idea, but it’s only a dream. Honestly, I doubt it they wouldn’t do that for players without getting something in return and players’ happiness doesn’t count. As the previous player stated, they’re balancing older heroes through new costumes. A way for players to spend if they truly want that balanced hero.

There was a whole big balance update about this character improvement, so they are doing it, but recently I had the impression that work had stopped. No sooner had I made this entry than the Christmas family was corrected. Keep it up.