Balance grave maker


Hahahha I really doubt people stop using Zeline and alby because of 1 character


I’ve fought gm many times—he does not do 300 damage per turn and he really isn’t that hard to take out. I kill him second, maybe third and target i stead buffers, healers, and tanks. DOT damage is at least predictable and gives my healers a chance to keep me alive. I actually didn’t want gm when i first saw him because he doesn’t hit very hard. I have him now and imyreally glad—he’ll be excellent for offense!

My guess is that he’s so difficult for you because your team or strategy are weak against him. I have major trouble with healers and some trouble with reposte , yet everywhere i read those are no big deal. I simply weak agaisnt them, that’s all.


Your English is great. The use of the verb ‘Verse’ to mean ‘Compete With’ is a completely incorrect usage although (painfully) it is gaining in popularity.

It is mistakenly derived from the Latin word Versus which has long been used to denote a competition e.g. England Versus Brazil, usually shortened to Vs. or even simply V. (Appropriately, this is the source of the V in PVP/PVE)

Recently people have begun believing that Versus is actually ‘Verses’; a conjugation of a made up verb ‘to verse’ e.g. England verses Brazil. Or, we versed that team last week. Or, I am going to verse you. As you can probably tell, I find this usage irritating. So apologies for the nit picky grammar Nazism.

Feel free to pick up the slang, but please don’t attribute your lack of familiarity with this term to lack of skill with the English language. If anything it is the other way around.

On another note: totally agree. GM is good but not great and I don’t see him as too OP. I am looking forward to leveling him though :wink:


On offense I like Natalya a lot better than GM. Her mana control is crazy useful. How many other heroes do damage? If he wasn’t Very Fast, he would be a B level at best. Guin on the other hand - yikes. Nerf her now.


Agree. I switched Nat to GM and often his damage is negated by heal that wouldn’t happen if I used Nat instead.


The only downfall with Natty is if I need to kill someone immediately before they fire a special and she takes a turn for the first round of DoT to hit. Otherwise I like her better.


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I’ve grown to enjoy attacking her as Aeron can make her special useless. If she hits any of the 3 protected by his special she doesn’t do any damage.


Woah woah woah

1st you can’t target him 2nd or 3rd when he’s the tank

2nd there is no strategy other than doubling or tripling up on blue

If the board is bad, he makes you pay, bad


Obviously we have different raid strategies. I always bring a rainbow team—always. I don’t have enough leveled heroes to do otherwise. I can rarely take down a hero without using my specials, and I did say that tanks are one of my #1 targets. If gm was the tank, I’d take him out so I could ghost some tiles, his DOT doesn’t stack with itself, so depending on who he stands next to I may (and have) decide to take them out first.

What i especially love to do is hit him with hansel. Whoa boy does gm get it then! If the board is bad a 3* can make me pay. A bad board is a bad board tbh.


I have zero issues facing a maxed GM (I also own him and don’t use him except against green titans combined with Ares). The ONLY hero I truly fear is Guin. I think GM is just fine how he is.


I can think of 5 or 6 heroes off the top of my head that are WAY more of a game changer than GM… and I don’t think any of them need to be nerfed. He’s a solid hero but he’s HOTM. HOTM and event heroes are special. Hel, Ares, Athena, Alby, Zeline all rank higher than GM as HOTMs. Then there’s Guineverre… we all know about her…


Guin is overrated

There are barely any hels and Athena’s and Athena is very meh on defence

Yes Zeline and alby r annoying


The previous HOTMs will return, and they will be the same as they’ve always been. SG is going to make a killing on them. Strong heroes sell.


I agree that the fear for Guin is a bit much (especially because she’s only a beast on defense teams). But she’s the only character I’ve faced where a truly bad board sinks a raid or war battle with little to no chance of recovery and victory. Ares is next but it’s a noticeable drop from Guin and the board has to be bad and continue to be bad.


GM on defense with high-level mana troops dishes out a LOT of damage. But we have the tools to manage him—Hansel and Merlin are great against VFast heroes, and Alasie slows him down enough. I agree with prior posts that GM isn’t high on my list of concerns when raiding. He demands respect, but, raiding in Diamond, he’s not usually the foe I’m most concerned about.


I agree with you, I have GM at 3,70 and Azlar at 2, 60 and I’m still wondering if I should take Azlar over GM, especially after facing him fully ascended in raids a couple of times and winning I’m just not afraid of gm on defense he doesn’t concern me