Balance grave maker

First question: it says 298 damage over 2 turns, why does he do 298 each turn

Next: let’s see how much damage he does, 600 over 2 turns + 100/200 on impact that’s 700-800 per hero

So 2100-2400 damage for a very fast hero?? Excuse me

Let’s compare him to marjana, fast hero does around 600 damage to a maxxed 5 star and an extra 300 over 5 turns, gravemaker is very fast and does 2400 damage over 2 turns

Azlar 360 damage over 5 turns + 200 on impact so around 1700 damage to 5 heroes over 5 turns, gravemaker does more damage in 4 times less time

So how in the #^#*^# is gravemaker balanced


I have no trouble against Gravemaker in raids. No trouble at all. Your numbers look scary, but in practice I’m winning raids against teams that include Gravemaker all the time. I don’t even prioritize killing him.

His DoT is shortlived and his AoE and tile damage isn’t that high. He’s only a true danger to glass cannon characters. And if you’re careless about feeding him mana through tiles.

I raid with a fairly tanky AoE/buff/debuff centered 2 healer-team, my best sniper is Caedmon - go figure. I’m more concerned about Colen than about Gravemaker. Don’t even get me started on Azlar.


LOL Colen is literally nothing

The numbers don’t lie, also I’m interested to see what teams you’re versing

You know a hero is a little too OP when everyone is using it…

If you put Guine along him, that’s such a hard team to face!!!


I also have little to no problem facing him. I started out doubling ice and making him a priority until I seen how easy he goes down. Paper cannon.

Anything you put Guin next to is a problem, but that’s mostly because of Guin?


I’m running with Justice as centre, sided by Rigard and Boldtusk, and Caedmon and Isarnia in the corners. I’d say that’s a rather sniperless team.

It’s a team that can take a beating, or is positioned to do so, and it has to take some damage first because it takes some time to charge some of them up. Caedmon removes buffs, Boldtusk buffs my team, Rigard removes any debuffs I might have, Isarnia debuffs the enemy team, and Justice blinds them. I try to fire the AoE’s with at least one buff/debuff active. Preferably both. Sometimes I use Caedmon as a “sniper”, but most would say he’s a bit slow for that. He’s most useful as buff remover, I love him.

My primary sniper is the fastest one available in the game, and when BT and Isarnia are active he’s also a very strong sniper: tiles. Using AoE builds onto the “sniping with tiles rather than specials” strategy. If you don’t have AoE you need much stronger snipers for that “one hit kill”. I soften all 5 targets up first, and that almost always ends up with multiple targets I could snipe with tiles. No waiting for mana, just swipe the right tiles and kill.

Last but not least I run with two healers. A lot of times I end up with a full team at full health at the victory screen. I can still win when they take out my damage dealers. My Achilles heel are my healers, if they are defeated I need to end the fight fast or I’ll be slowly demolished.

This team has all the main roles you need and all the utility you need in a nice rainbow. I’m so comfortable with it I’m actually struggling to fit in new heroes.

He doesn’t do 298 each turn, it is as stated over 2 turns.

You will see higher damage due to DoT being scaled by troop but that will also apply to the DoT from the other heros mentioned.


Lmao try it out yourself, he does 300 each turn

I was asking to see the teams you vsed that had grave

I triple on blue and it still takes 2 matches to kill him

I have maxed Gravemaker, 4* mana troops lvl 15. 181 dmg against all colors except green. To green damage is 220+ something. Where are you getting 300 dmg each turn?


I tried it, was not able to get 300/turn. On def with good troops it game close (something like 250/turn). Where when and how are you seeing this 300/turn dmg?

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My bad, I’m not a native English speaker, so I misinterpreted ‘versing’. I’m not going to look up all teams I fought. Simply put: Gravemaker isn’t a hero that I skip a team for. And I’ve been fighting him a lot recently because with HoTM, that hero automatically becomes FoTM for a while as well. I fight him 1 out of 3 raids or so? I don’t know.

I think some put him on defense just to brag that they’ve got him, or for novelty reasons? He’s just not that good on defense. I think 7DD’s grading overvalues his very fast speed resulting in an A on defense. He’s a B to me. I don’t see him having a longlasting place on defense. There are far better choices for red.

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Can’t find a gravemaker tank atm

Lol with the team that you described you are probably vsing a level 70 gravemaker, huge difference

Or maybe a level 80 with 4 stars around him

First video against uclapack Gravemaker tank. He is fully maxed and does 210/turn in this case. Working as intended I guess

Woooop - I’m famous :grin:

Gravemaker is a bit annoying but I got used to playing around him.

Guin on the other hand is really annoying and if you don’t have good first few moves, it could get very ugly. I’m more on board on the nerf Guin train :slight_smile:

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On defense all heroes stats are higher. To all heroes not just to Gravemaker.
I can bet that you even don’t have him and this is a reason why your numbers are way off.

Alby, Zeline and Lianna. I believe because of them we have Gravemaker. They made Gravemaker with a reason. Now we can see less and less teams with Alby and Zeline in same time on defense. I think developers did great job.

We need more contra players to best heroes in the game.

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Yeah, you have a point in that… But there are some heroes that can make you suffer less then grave…

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