Balance and Variety

The problem is, they need the power creep in order for their new heroes to sell, right? People will not be summoning if they release season 4 heroes with stats and skills similar to S1 heroes even if they are of a different color. Nope. Count me out. I won’t be summoning a red Lianna from S4 portals. Nobody would want an Elena with the same stat and skills but of a dark element from S4. They need to devise stronger heroes like Onyx, Garnet and Cobalt whose family bonus does minor riposte and dodges even the tiles, not to mention the charged mana skills. They need to come up with unique skills like Frigg, Odin, Alfrike and Lord Loki on the table to keep the players interested and wants to get these prized heroes.

Again, the problem is us generally old players 2 years in the game or more won’t and can’t spend more money to get those prized heroes which we though we already have the prized heroes in our first or second year of playing. But our old heroes are getting obsolete. SG may be slow on the stat balancing of certain heroes because their priority is to sell their new heroes. And us players are the ones advertising which nice shiny toys are good to have. Not by necessarily having them but by how we face them in the battlefield or by word of moth of other players (or in written text).

Really, I can’t tell if the best corporate and financial move for SG is to avoid power creep and satisfying the majority of their players. They have all the facts and the bird’s eye view of everything and that may be their basis why they tread the path they are treading, ignoring long time players who have quit as they may have figured out that some new or newish players spending a ton just for them to get competitive with us experienced players. These new or newish players may have picked up the slack of spending from those of us who have shifted to F2P or VC2P.

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I agree with you, nobody is going to spend for new heroes if they’re not any better than the old heroes.

But… heh… here’s a relatively evil idea…

What if… the old heroes all got buffed to the point to where they were all mostly equal, and the new heroes were the only ones that were slightly better? Then payers still have an incentive to spend, if they want to continue to be the best.

Of course, nobody tells them that 6 months later, their own heroes are going to end up being replaced by even better heroes that they have to buy… that’s something they should be able to figure out on their own.


I only suggest this because I have been told multiple times by several people that they don’t mind giving SG chunks of money every single month. From their own mouths.

Let them enjoy being temporarily 5-10% “better” than everyone else as long as they continue to spend. Just don’t leave the rest of us buried and forgotten in the process, please.

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That’s an option.
But originality will also work!
And doesn’t have to destroy years worth of roster development, to pull off…


Do they? It may just lower wales expenses but not the rest of the players. Even with spending 50 to 100 bucks per months you can’t have 30 of the top hereos within 3 years and even so you won’t have the mats for it if you spend all your gems on chasing hereos without buying the mats offer…

So really I don’t think you are right when you say we need the powercreep to keep the game going.


I wouldnt say its needed but its the focus that sg is giving. If it wasnt for beta teters lots of op heroes would have been released and it seems to be the line of thought SG works with. Or:

  1. They dont know how to balance the game

  2. Theres a willing that tend to powercreep.


This is clear, just think about the 1st version of S3 realms :rofl:


Slowly but surely, I think it is only a matter of time before the majority of players realize that only the biggest spenders have any decent chance of pulling the game’s best heroes.

I have been screaming this at the top of my lungs for the longest time.

This is not how games should operate. This is not how games have to operate in order to be profitable.


Nope. I didn’t say “we” need the power creep. SG does in order to for their new heroes to sell. On the players perspective, we don’t want power creep as it renders our old heroes to be passe. On the business perspective of SG, they need to do that for them to continuously generate revenues.

Nah. That’s too high for me. I am just a regular player coming from an Asian 3rd world country.

Uhmm… I played since May 2018 and I have already 32 maxed 5* heroes. They may not be the top 30 heroes you have in mind but they are my best ones. And I have many dupe and less useful legendaries that I can max, but felt that my 22 tonics, 27 rings, 20 darts, 21 tabards and 8 scopes are best reserved for better heroes :fingerscrossed:

EDIT: There are only 3 legendary heroes whose dupes I have maxed: Guardian Gazelle, Lianna with costume and Grave maker. Would love to ascend my 2nd Joon with costume, 2nd Mitsuko, 2nd Clarissa, 2nd Domitia with costume, but I am in no hurry.

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SG are buffing old heroes. They recently buffed Khagan and Gormek. The issue is they are not doing enough of this and they are not looking at all of the old unused heroes. Obakan for example never seems to be considered for a buff, yet from what I read here he is probably the least used S1 5* there is. I certainly rarely encounter him in raids, and mine stalled at 2/60.

It’s not necessarily about power creep. There are S1 5* heroes that are still in constant use today: Lianna, Sartana, Vivica (even without the costumes). Others like Khagan and Quintus, and yes Obakan, have been underused from the very beginning even compared to other S1 5*. There has never been real balance in the game because even two-three years ago there were heroes that were underused and others that were overused (in comparison). Buffing the underused heroes to provide balance within the hero group would provide at least some balance and variety.


My main problem is,
They are trying to figure out how to make money off of it…


There are passive skills. Ninjas…
They could make a passive skill
(Or aura)
that increases with the amount of a certain element in play. For example:
The presence of an ice element causes burn damage which increases in strength for each added hero of that element.

Or… an aura that buffs allies based on element in play.

Make the game interesting for all those unimaginative mono addicts :joy:

JUST DON’T release a predator into the public waters, that is so powerful it devours everything else…
Maintain Balance!
This way the water is populated with abundant life of all kinds!

There’s no reason to render rosters obsolete… just introduce originality and they can profit even more than if they introduce harmful OP predators

I just explained you why what we need is in the best corporate interest of SG. By essence a Company needs to fulfill its customers desire otherwise it is doomed to fail.

I also explained to you that SG does not need to keep introducing better and stronger hereos. If hereos are at the same level as the holder ones people will still pay to have a chance at them.

I give you an exemple. If they release a perfect copy of GM which is no more available (don’t say to me that it can be obtained via ToL or HA, the probability are so low that it is not reasonable to believe you can chase through that portal). Do you really think people won’t chase him at any costs?

Of course they will maybe not the usual wales but those who start the game after and every other low spenders will want a chance to get him too.

Powercreep is not an healthy incentive to boost the sales cause at term you will lose your core players which give you the most revenues, not wales. Wales will always be there whether there is powercreep or not.

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Your point of view doesnt apply to SG business strategy. Yes, its well explained and all but if you look the history of this company you will see they DO CARE about powercreep and SG even will do it for events. The company is planning to introduce advatages in terms of scoring for those who plan to gather event heroes(i assume new ones but maybe old ones too).

You should meet with SG staff to explain your point and we may have a better and fair game

I perfectly aware of there current strategy but the objective of this topic and the OP I guess is to propose alternatives and a better way for this game which I’m sure we all enjoy and we all wants to keep enjoying.

But yes please keep being negatives and/or kiss SG’s @ss that will make thing better for all of us I guess :roll_eyes:

No you didnt. All you did was to misconstrue my words by making it appear that “we” need powercreep when i explained that this is the avenue they are taking, AGAIN, for them to sell their brand new heroes.

FYI. I am not a graduate of business or economics, and neither am I an expert on corporate transactions and business gains and models and whatever lingo they use. Heck, i am not even a good salesman. If I did, you would not see me in this game nor in the forum as I would prefer devoting my time in how to gain the most profits out of my clients and consumers. And if you are, you would not be playing much this game too, much less in the forum. So let’s just leave the corporate interest or business at the experts and I believe SG has them already in place. If you are an expert, apply to work at them and convince your new bosses at Small Giant and Zynga your alternative business model. And good luck with that.

Oh man. They already introduced better heroes in 2018 when they started releasing the 2nd gen of HOTMs, who have Element Link absent from their previous predecessors. And we have been benefiting from the 3rd gen of HOTMs who have immunities or resistances. Seshat was a hard counter to Guinevere because she blocks the queen’s mana cut. Kingston cannot be burned thus GM felt inadequate against Kingston. Season 2 heroes are generally better than S1 heroes, with reflect heroes introduced in Ursena and Mitsuko, better snipers in Poseidon and Kageburado, better attack booster in Tarlak, accessible mana freeze hero in Proteus, double shared damage in Wilbur, first dodger in Inari (she was a craze back then), first chainer in Misandra, and Atlantis rare heroes superior than S1 rare heroes. Now they did it again with S3 and the new additions to challenge and seasonal event heroes. If you failed to recognize that than you are still in the past.

Lol. No i wont.

Lol. Got my first GM in Atlantis when he was one od the featured hero. Got my 2nd GM in the first Tavern portal and i was definitely not chasing for him. And whats sad is i got my 3rd GM in the 2nd Tavern portal and I was not happy with that since i was looking for Hel, Zeline, Delilah, Zimkitha.

In sum, what you are telling us is unrealistic and cannot be materialized, unless you join their ranks by being one of their business planners and convince them of your approach. Please do that for the benefit of the general players.

I still don’t have most of these heroes you speak of. Gravemaker? What is that? Oh right, he is the red guy that my opponents love to put at flank next to Telly. Whom I also don’t have.

Telly and Vela got nerfed into oblivion to keep them from destroying everyone else. Though I still keep seeing them regularly on teams I fight against, and I would still very much like to have them on my own team some day, if I thought that was even remotely possible. Which, unfortunately, for a player like me? It’s not even realistically within the realm of possibility that I will pull even one of these GTV heroes, let alone all 3.

And this is already after post-nerf fiasco, where GTV isn’t even considered to be great anymore. I would still personally be over the moon ecstatic if I was ever lucky enough to pull any one of these “no longer considered to be OP” heroes.

But given the current odds, I probably have better chances of winning the Powerball lottery than I do of pulling any one of those heroes.

Best hero in my entire roster is probably Miki. Others who don’t have Miki will look at that and say… “you lucky son of a -----…” And they are right. That was a lucky pull. Very happy to have him. Was my luckiest pull in 27+ months of playing. I don’t expect to ever get that lucky again.


I did not. You explained after the phrase I quoted that people won’t spend money on the game if there is no better and stronger hereos released. In other word you were saying that we needed powercreep to keep spending money which I explain to you why this is not true.

I’m a lawyer practicing in the area of finance and corporate companies. I don’t spend much time on this game just the night when I come home to clear my mind after a long day work. It happens that I’m on holidays and I have the time to share some opinions and views. But thanks for the personal attack I do appreciate that :roll_eyes:

True but I said that there is no need to “keep introducing better and stronger hereos” otherwise the gap between S1 hereros and future hereos will be too large and the game won’t be accessible anymore for f2p and c2p. Those are the majority of players in this game so if they leave the game is dead.

So you basically contradict yourself in these two sentences cause you are saying that you still want hereos like Hel Zeline Delilah Zim which are older hereos.
This prove my point that this game does not need powercreep to keep going.

People would still be happy to have hereos that alike those you quoted. Even older players.

We would love to have other titan buffer and not just that stupid monkey. We would love to have other elemental debuffeur even if already have cause recent events shows that those hereos are essential to be competitives and its good to have duplicates of them but what if it was a future hero with the same base stats but a slightly different skill? I would love that and it would be fair to newer people who could not have access to mikki, frida, evelyne, etc…

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You are absolutely right. SG wont make any money buffing old heroes.


Wow. That is a bit over the top

You think I am finding good reasons for SG to not improve the game? Not at all, I absolutely hate that this is the state of affairs. But it’s a business as well as a game. For most big decisions in the game they like to have a business reason for doing it, to protect and enhance revenue. It is that simple

You look at my history of posts and I am not an SG apologist, quite the opposite. Feel free to take those frustrations out on me though

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I am not an expert on much of anything.

But I am a consumer, and I am also a person who has worked for many companies that cater to consumers.

SG’s current business model is working fine for them for now… but it’s beginning to remind me of one of my former employers.

Majority of their customers would come in every day complaining.
“Your products are overpriced.”
“Your products don’t perform at the level I was expecting them to at that price.”
“Your company doesn’t seem to care at all about its customers.”

Correct. Correct. Andddd correct again.

Reality is, that company did not care at all about their smaller customers. As long as their big customers kept the money rolling in? They would literally bend over backwards for them. Their normal average sized customer? They couldn’t possibly give a single :poop: less about them.

My own boss would tell me… when I had a frustrated customer at the counter, demanding to speak to my manager… he would ask, “what company are they with?”

If it was XYZ, one of our larger companies, he would rush out and say “a thousand apologies sir, I will personally service you right now if that will make you happy”


If it was anyone else, he’d tell me to tell them to go **** off.

“How much you spend with us? $10,000 a year? Our biggest contractors spend $10,000,000 a year. You are nobody. Get lost, loser.”

Thing is, we had hundreds of customers who “only” spent maybe $10,000 a year with us. One by one, every single day, at least one of those customers would come in and tell me, “you know what? I hate your company. I just went down to your competitors. Not only did they treat me better, but I also got twice as much stuff from them for half the price.”

And you know what I told them? After checking both corners of my eyes to make sure no one else heard me… “pssst… good for you, man. Get the hell out of here and don’t ever come back. Also, please let me know if they’re hiring… because this place is a hellhole…”


It all could be easily fixed by slowing tf down with releasing new heroes and make the old ones (hotms and specials) more accessible.
S2 should be in TC for months now, legends coins more attainable…

Ehhhhh why bother, let’s get back to counting money :roll_eyes:


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