Balance and Variety

So maybe just maybe I have played longer than you. Just maybe, ever thought of that?

I’m sure you have played longer than me you are even most likely here from the beginning of the game but someone here claimed that a 2 year old f2p player could have reach level 30 troops.

I’m just saying it’s not possible based on my personal experience.

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2 years and some months. And he clearly showed by focusing on it, the number is 600 days. Which amounts to a year and 9 months.

I’ve been playing 2 years and 5 months m, or about 6 months less than you. I’ve never purchased world energy, and I’m level 80. I must be lying too.

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Slight deviation, ok way off topic.

Congrats and Happy 2nd Forumversary @checker :cake:. Thanks for sticking around!

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Yep been playing for a long time

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Hi @beepbeepimajeep and @TGW. I heard my name and am appearing under the couch.

Since you brought me up, let me say the truth is somewhere else:

  • 2 HOTM (after 3 years)
  • 28 5* heroes (9 duplicates)
  • less than 4 original 4* Atlantis heroes (no 5*)
  • less than 4 original 4* S3 heroes (no 5*)
  • 2-3 original event heroes
  • no troop over lvl 10
  • over $300 spent in 3 years

This is a casual account. I chased heroes rather than troops (oops) over the years, and it is what it is. I think there is a certain amount of luck to these things, and also an amount of effort/grinding or cash. I don’t expect to be further ahead than I am (though that would be nice); I don’t have time to grind like crazy, so I am where I am.

EDIT: I have recently been getting original S1 5* like crazy, garnering Elkanen, Azlar and Vivica in a remarkably short time. My TC20 percentage for 5* is still 7%, not 5%. (For the record, I’ve been playing since April 2017.) :wink:


I get staggering numbers through the standard summons portal. 7 troops in a row is my record.

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Yes. I did have just over 700 coins saved up for speed leveling. And drained it about a month ago.

Just over 2 years of play and I don’t have any troops over 23.

I probably should have zigged when I could of zagged.

Some people don’t got jobs. Some people just robbed a bank. Some people dig the game, and other are a little more tame.

We just had a nice little lull in the game. An enjoyable break. And it’s a fair comment to note that when the tasks pile up, it’s not every day that you log on and have 15 different things to tend to.

I don’t want to change the game for me. But I would say that, I definitely enjoy hobbies and distractions which are not so demanding.

what just happened in the beta is purely missing the point here.
buffing bad/underused heros is the right constructive approach

A continuous release of stronger and stronger heroes will direct your current roster, weaker and weaker.

Until they become bad/underused.

So that you will pay again…
For a costume

It is a constructive approach tho!
I’ll give you that.
Not for you or your bank account

there will always be a desire for new heros. completely abandoning heros will make even some new/recent heros undesirable knowing that they won’t get buffed like noor.

some buffs are reasonable and needed.

“oh, thoth isn’t used by 97% of his maxed owners even in trials and ninja tower let’s take a look… his damage is low and only 1 minion, let’s increase his damage to 230% and let him summon minions to nearby too”

“aeron is also the same, let’s see… low healing compared to all healing over time heros and he only cleanse nearby, let’s increase his healing and let him cleanse all”

things like this, and those heros will get featured in atlantis and tavern. definitely will make them desirable!! i honestly don’t see it being a bad thing

There’s a big difference between New,
And repackaged old skills with higher stats, damage, and faster speed.

I’m good with new heroes. Great!
Please and thank you!
But it is not necessary to make "new"
a broken thing…

OP things can make money.
Balanced new things can too

In the long run, the latter will bring enjoyment and longevity.

While the first…

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At this point it wouldn’t hurt to saturate the game in 5*s, increaseS1 odds to double digits and maybe even S2/ older HOTM’s, or the latter could be between 5- 10%

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What I would really love is just a 1-on-1 chat with the board, devs and PR team of SG.

I am a 17 year project management veteran, 24 total years in the IT field, Software/App development/testing/quality assurance and have my MS degree in management.

I have so much to say to give everyone what they want, money, player happiness while still understanding the need to sunset apps in the future.

It’ll never happen, I know. But, my sense of humor aside, I just have a unique skillset that applies and wish I could have my voice heard by SG.

@zephyr1 @littleKAF @Guvnor @Rook – any chance I could be a fly on the wall, or way we could get another AMA with SG? I know the forum is mostly united on somethings, woefully split on others the game is in a really rough spot right now.


We’ve been pushing for another AMA with a game designer, as well as updates to Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!), for nearly two years now.

I actually brought it up again amidst this Beta Costumes debacle.

No idea if we’ll actually get any progress on that, though I do think this statement was partly in response to moderator encouragement to share insight on the game designer thinking:


Thanks for the reply. I’m out of likes otherwise I would have just done that.

The game has gotten a bit of an ‘out of control’ feel to it, and would love to see a bit more transparency.

I mean, the devs may not even know the intrigue or political behind-the-scenes decisions that are being made in the board rooms… so we can only hope to know what they know as best as we can.


It maybe worth noting that the top 100 have all 5 color tanks, right now.
And 73 different 5* heroes. Which is a considerable hike for variety as compared to 9 months ago!
17 Telly’s (not always in the tank position) so balancing did not kill her off as many screamed would happen.

There are 133 5* heroes. Plus 20 costumes for a grand total of 153 potential appearances.
Out of 500 slots in the top 100.
So that’s roughly 50% 5* variety.

I don’t think the SG apocalypse is happening, just yet. The top 100 looks semi-healthy, but it would be nice to see the ratio of unused heroes decline further.

What is happening? The steady stream of inflationary stats/skills/speed to provide lucrative pulls reached a tipping point

last year…

Now we maybe caught in balancing cycles with increased frequency as we continue to tight rope the fine line of imbalance.

There are many 5* who were released with sub par abilities. And many more who have been… left behind…!

If we have another massive roll-out of buffs to bring them back in play, it maybe time to give very careful consideration to how you define a lucrative pull moving forward!

And if creativity is an issue for that definition being, unique.
Is it necessary to release so many new heroes so quickly?

A balanced roster of 153 heroes will promote much stronger variety and increase the quality of the game.
Over 1,000 useless 5*
and 20 super creeps


You are completely right, TGW. But situation is more sad than you think. In reality it doesn’t metter what heroes you have, everything counted in this game and deciding by system. Heroes, loot, stones… It is cunning crafted game created for earning money. Not a lot people will play it more than 3 years. It is the game, where the prizes get donators but not the best, and difference between them is very big to stay interested. :wink:

I want to give some genuine suggestions to the small giant games.!!
Instead of releasing so many new heros,start making changes/Buffing lots of past HEROS/HOTM…

By players point of view-- So many of them are are slow/weak(as compared to lots of other)/Used less/
Those heros are sitting forever at level 1 in roster simply occupying space and i know so many players have the same problem…

Please try to buff those past heros instead of releasing so many new heros!!!
Thank you SG😊

Insert meme text:

Costumes addressed this problem

What is wrong with imbalance, Do YoU wAnT tHaT eVeRy HeRo WoUlD bE tHe SaMe

and other unfunny jokes :crazy_face:


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