Balance and Fairness

I have been playing since the game was introduced. I have had very little luck on summoning unique heroes. But still I have kept playing. I have gained all my 5* heroes through training camps. With the occasional luck of the draw on a hotm. I have watched the game evolve and all the additions made to the game. With the addition of emblems, I have built my team with pure defense. It is utter bullsht that I go into a raid with a maxed out hero and be destroyed like I have a level 1 3 hero. Let’s use for example the hero Magni. I can have my maxed out Magni with level 20 emblems completely focused on defense. My opponents Magni can hit my Magni and take 90% of my health. But yet my Magni can hit with his special and only take about 1/4 of a heroes health. There is no balance to the game. My heroes should be able to inflict the same amount of damage as anyone else.
To add to this, summons should be balanced as well. When there is an event summons, I should not have to work hard to build up gems and event tokens only to summons Bane or Tyrum or Gunner. All regular heroes should not be available in an event summons. Only the heroes of that event should be available for summons. If I summons a 3* event hero, then so be it. But shouldn’t have to continue to suffer complete disappointment in this game that I have played for so long. It high time that the developers of the game listen to its players and the complainants and concerns they have.

I never understood why such logic design… This is the reason why I do cup drop. To as low as 0, if possible.

Yes, because they actually used emblems for offense, as you should do on a sniper. And the defending team bonus always means defenders will hit harder and take less damage all else being equal.

And yes, that’s fair, given all the advantages offense has — you get to pick what teams you’re up against (outside tournaments), you get to pick what heroes you take, you get color bonuses (stacking), you control what tiles to match (and thus which defenders gain mana faster), and you control when your heroes activate their specials.

Given that my win rate, even with my old F2P account, was around 80%, I’d say that’s fine.

They’re never going to do that. It’s been asked since the very start, 4 years ago. Accept the gacha game nature of it or move on, unfortunately.

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