Bai Yeong or Musashi

Which would you all suggest for my wife to level up first of those two? She is pretty weak in holy only have Wu and Li fully leveled and at emblems. I do not have Musashi so have no real insight into him. But I have Bai and he is fun to play with . The lessening of healing can be huge in war and raiding. Any thoughts are appreciated.

As always, knowing the rest of the roster will help in formulating a reasoned response.

Musashi has very high tile damage - one of the highest in the game. His overall 1 + minor damage is therfore also quite high. That makes him great for titans. In raids if you can pair him with a buffer or debuffer (e.g. Mist) then that makes him very effective. The self healing is OK, and works much better in a mono stack.

Bai Yeong’s special is quite tactical and I think effective but if you don’t have enough firepower in other heroes then it won’t be much good.


Her yellows are super weak. She has only the two I mentioned as fully leveled and his working on the war pig. She has a good mix of healer, support and snipers. I am looking to help her get her mono or 3/2 war attack with yellow better then in currently is. She used Li for her defense in the holy spot.

Bai Yeong is far more useful IMO, especially on offense.


What do you base that on?

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If the yellows are weak, musashi is much more needed imo. Bai is more of a tactical hero and would be more useful within an advanced roster.


The difference in damage between Bai Yeong and Musashi. One has 749 (Bai) and the other 789 (Musashi) so there is a difference of 40 points. The % of damage dealt is similar 320% vs 332%.

So, indeed Musashi does more damage but his ability is less appeling to me that Bai’s ability (i ponder the highest blind in the game plus the elemental link to yellows much higher than the self healing of Musashi).

In stats Bai Yeong is by far more rounded with a higher defense and health.

So, personally, i would pick Bai Yeong over Musashi. If you pick him you can still bring him to titans and raids/war but you have to play different than youd do with musashi(more charge and fire)


The total damage dealt by Musashi is 789 * 6.64 (1 + 2 * 0.5) = 5238 vs Bai Yeong 749 * 3.2 = 2396. That is 46% of the damage that Musashi does. So I would not consider the damage dealt as similar… whilst Bai Yeong incapacitates one hero Musashi has a chance to completely remove 1-3.

Also the rogue takent is significantly better than ranger talent.


Sorry i dont understand maths(to do calculations by myself). Thanks for doing the numbers @chewey724 here you answer. The damage on papers is by far superior than by simply reading the card. So its up to you. If you dont have a strong yellow hitter like joon Musashi will help your yellow stacks.

Good gaming!

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I prefer the samurai over the Panda at her stage of the game. He hits 3 and can self heat himself to some extent. Bai is a great support hero who is situational similar to Malosi. U need good damage dealers. With atk buff or def down and with some emblems Musashi can be pretty handy on offense. On defense his rogue skills can be pretty annoying as well.

My game play is different and i never do mono. I try to use synergy rather than mono.
I have Joon, Neith and Malosi. So i would prefer the panda as he gives a pretty useful elemental link. But if i was in her position i would take Musashi.

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Thank you all for the info. I was leaning Musashi’s way for her. She needs to do some holy damage. Li is nice but Musashi would be a nice upgrade. Thank you all for the input. I appreciate it.

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Bai Yeong is terrible because his hit is so weak. The passive skills are ok, but situational and unlikely ever to turn the tide in a raid since they just affect one. I disagree with any rating of that hero over a “B”, and it is awful on defense as it is so situational.

Musahi on the other hand is a decent well-rounded yellow. Can serve on a defense team, and on raids quite well. High tile damage means it also will contribute well for titan attacks.

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I would say Bai over Musashi, but you need practice to use him.

His blind effect can completely nullify heroes like Finley, Vela, Jabber or even 14* titans. On map, quests and ninja tower, save you from bosses.

Musashi provide more damage, but can’t do any of that.
He can eventually cure just himself, but with him alone you don’t go anywhere.

At every stage of growth, i overall see Bai as more useful.


Bai Yeong is the worst hero I’ve ascended. Worse than Leo. He rarely works to the point where I think the published 75% blind is just flat out wrong. It’s literally more like 25% in my experiences. He’s one of the most maddening heroes out there and his damage is weak. At least the healing inhibitor works as advertised, but that blind is a flat out lie unless my Bai is broken.

Sad it didnt worked that well for you. Its good that OP can see by first hand that not all the playstiles and rosters are made the same and a hero that doesnt work for you doesnt mean it wont work for others. Anyways , the good thing is that the OP can have different perspectives and take a final shoot.

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Very true. Like my beloved stable of noor, grimble and zocc :slight_smile:

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What’s Homacleese’s Noor is my Bai :slight_smile:
On offense he is one of my favorite hero’s of the whole game! Time him well and mostly (!) he will render all the big shots of this game useless in nullifying their Aoe or dot etc… so fun and indeed match changing. On defense of course he is garbage and unusable…
Malosashi I encountered a few times in raids and he never was any problem to beat


Like Bai, you can’t judge Musashi on defense. He’s more of an offensive hero.

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