Bai Yeong – 5* Holy/ Yellow - September 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Does my note right above not count :frowning:.

I haven’t maxed mine, but even at tier 3, he was huge against Finley! :slight_smile:


Lol it definitely counts. I did see it after I had typed my comment :stuck_out_tongue: decided to leave it there though in case anyone else wanted to comment on how they’ve been using him.

Seems like a relatively useful yellow hero to me. Wouldn’t mind getting him

  1. BY has pure trash resist. It’s a lower version of Vela’s resist. Yet I still don’t understand why they do that. Resist minion effect but still got damage of it when Vela Resist all both damage and ailments / effect.

  2. Compare to previous Fast Hitter HOTM. (Seshat / Kingston) both hit like around 400ish damage with Dispel / Atk down for nearby enemies. Yet BY, hit like Malosi damage and affect one enemy.

At least should have changed the effect become nearby enemies for 2 turn.
Cause only one enemy for 2 turn is really not good at all. Rather take a really good sniper rather BY.

*just opinion.


It’s actually a fact!

I might disagree with this cause we are facing Telluria tank everywhere and for sure both that Heroes are much better than BY.
They contribute more and charge faster than BY.

And 75% healing reduction also a cliche, I would rather kill the healer with sniper, rather than he just heal himself with 100ish HP but heal others with 400-500HP.

I think so but again it’s rarely we see Finley on Flank. Usually all are in Left Wing.
Cause even other Hero can finish him off without Finley able to fire (unless you have a really bad board)

But once again, people have to try him. Cause for sure not me. I won’t lvl up my BY just to try it for Finley, as I have my 2 Mitsukos already :wink:

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He’s way harder when on flank for me…I’m glad people keep putting him on the wing instead of flank!!!

There will always be a hero who will be better than another!Personally I find him as a very good soldier! I use him regularly in raids and wars against especially Finley, Ursena and Telli and most of the time when they hit they find a target only in one hero !! On the other hand I agree that it could be << very fast >> or more turns in his special!

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Generally it is good to have it in your quiver!

What’s even better than that, however, is just killing Finley before he fires with Joon (a readily available F2P hero), and having Joon blind as a backup plan just in case you cannot get Finley killed

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I’ve had some more time to test Bai at 3/70, and while he’s not spectacular, I do think he’s a solid B(+) hero that’s great to use against AoE hitters - he’s saved me a few times from the likes of Colen/Azlar/Isarnia. If you pair him with Jackal/Mist, he starts hitting pretty decently hard. He doesn’t make it into my main attack team since I have both Joon and Malosi, but I’m definitely happy to have him as part of my secondary yellow stack for war.


uclapack gives her seal of approval to Bai!

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I’ve got Neith max already. Should BY be preferred over Leonidas I’m busy levelling?
I don’t have other yellows in line and have only Neith as a 5*.

I lean towards Leo since the mana cut is really nice.

Leo and BY are both good cleanup heroes. I’d prefer to up BY due to the speed.

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