Bai Yeong – 5* Holy/ Yellow - September 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

I like the art , i hope to pull him . Last month i couldnt get Zocc so i hope to get this cute panda

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Just what the game needed - more furries.


Anyone has its special effect ?

You think? I’m not convinced. I think his lower % dmg is major. And 75% blind for two turns VS 40% for six is debatable… How is he better? Base stats?


He is less sniper, no doubt. But i see his role a bit more like Malosi rather then Joon.

75% is really huge. Basically, you waste at average 3/4 of the time a specific hero special.
Just for example, you potentially make heroes like Finley harmless.

That said, if you already have Malosi and costume Joon, i don’t see Panda kun make much more difference for your deck.

But for me almost nullify a specific dangerous hero is really valuable.


Those are the words I hate about him. We’ll end up rolling the dice every time. For a utility hero, Malosi is far more useful since it’s 100% and very fast. IMHO of course.


That’s the bittersweet taste of blind skill sadly. Could be competely broken, could be completely useless.

All or nothing. No half settings.

If you are not convined don’t pull for him.
I can understand, i will not pull for him either.

Could like it more or less, still i think he is a better HotM then Zocc or Noor.

Balanced, i would say.
Halfway strong and situational.

But we both agree we can leave without him :sweat_smile:


Anyways , although the panda doesnt seems to be as good as Malosi is still a solid and interesting choice vs others tc 1 yellow heroes.
Good yellows that do good damage ?


Then you have Malosi that is more an utility hero and now the panda .

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Are the male/female alternating months being dropped? If not, Bai is female.

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The panda looks male though

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I have 2 Malosi and costumed Joon, still want Panda tho. Might spend some cash on Valhalla last day special to get him although I say that often but don’t. My second account has the darts and everything. Let’s hope.

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I’ve read that Bai is a girl name, though.

In another post, a person who was Tiawanese, said Bai is a neutral name. 🤷 He/she kind of looks “neutral”.


Another good thing of this hero i didnt mention is that at fast speed the elemental link in a yellow stack gives you a 30% def up against special skills for 4 turns.

Decent damage
Blind 75%
Heal reduction
Def up

Nothing bad , isnt it?

Actually wouldn’t mind one of these. My holy is on the light side. Ill prob be doing some pulls everywhere this month buying some cheap deals here and there. So if I pick one up along the way I’ll max it. Iv got a Leo at 1/1 but unsure at this point.

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If any of you experts are available, can you please help me sort my situation out?

Pulled him from an EHT. I almost have a full set of darts that I was planning to give to Norns (she’s at 3-70 right now). But I don’t know. I also have an unleveled Neith but no emblems for her, so I don’t know if she’s worth maxing without emblems. I have too many holy heroes to choose from.

Any thoughts or help would be very much appreciated. I’m just now reading about him.

I compared him to Joon too but got the opposite conclusion. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just pointing that we apparently value specials differently. While panda’s blind is pretty good, it’s too short IMO and both the blind and heal special will require some calculated timing.

Not a bad hero, quite the opposite actually but I’d rate him below both Joon and Malosi personally. I think he should have been faster, or otherwise, a hit 3 hero with lower damage, or at least have his special last an extra turn.

And I fully agree with your Ranger class remark fwiw.

As with any other hero though, it all depends on what heroes in your roster are competing for darts with him.


IMHO not crazy about any of those choices. If I had to choose, I’d pic “C” hope for something better. :grinning: No, really if I had to choose I’d go with Norns over Bai Yeong, but I don’t like Norns either. Reason for Norns, hits 3, and 280% damage with the recent buff, plus better base stats.

As for Norns versus Neith, that’s much closer. If you were planning on using this yellow on defense, Neith is the better choice. The lack of emblems for Neith would be a problem for a defense team.So, if you are just going to use this hero versus titans and in raid attacks, Norns.


My defence is kageburado-baldur-brynhild/richard-clarissa-malosi. Should i replace malosi with the panda? I have mats


Bai Yeong is not terrible but there is also nothing about them that makes me hope I get them.

I am very lucky to have C-Joon and Drake so at this point Bai-Yeong seems incredibly inferior.

I have always found skills that prevent a percentage of healing to be one of the worst skills to receive. Its not terrible but I would replace it with nearly every other secondary ability in this game.

High blind percentage is cool but if I hit Finley with joon or drake he will never get past the first one or two hits anyways. Adding the blind percentage just weakens the duration. Id rather have a longer duration than have it end so quickly.

Overall, cool if you get them but they are definitely not one of the best yellow options out there

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