Bah Humbug!

These Christmas heroes are just to jolly now. I mean come on look at them costumes really? What not one evil Villain y’all can think of? Got one for y’all Winterbolt dark purple hero. He is my top Xmas Villian of all time. He definitely qualifies as Christmas evil to date. Read up on him and let’s get him in to the game. Whatcha think?

Ah ok even Oogie Boogie 4* dark hero. Shall I go on?

There’s Krampus… I bet Winterbolt is too new and not in public domain. And Oogie Boogie is a Disney character, so you might as well ask for Mickey Mouse.

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As another thread mentioned, Copyright becomes an issue for a lot of more recent material. Scrooge would work, as would Jack Frost (who can be jolly or not). Krampus in E&P is pretty jolly, admittedly. The Abominable Snowman would work, and they wouldn’t need new art, since he’s the enemy in 8-7 together with his brother Ned.


Is there a copyright on Mr. Hankey?

Well your understanding what I am getting at. Not a fan of any of the Christmas event heroes, don’t want them. Don’t want to open my phone every day to see Jolly. Need a purple hero or something better. And yes I have way to many blue heroes but they made 2 for this event aren’t we missing any other colors. Sounds like a failure.

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Not all the events have every color either. Summer has no red. Originally Spring had no purple or yellow it was just lepus, jack o hare and squire wabbit. Halloween had only 2 blue and purple originally. Even now they lack yellow.

Honestly I have krampus and hardly see him since he’s mainly defense. But I don’t get upset when I see lady wool or Frank etc because it’s Christmas.

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See this discussion: Christmas Event incomplete without the Grinch

Copyright? There’s 2 Johnny Depps in Pirates already :slight_smile: Most heroes are ripoffs, just look at Wonderland.

Where my Grinch at???

Alice in Wonderland is 19th C, it’s public domain.


Johnny gets changed from Captain Sparrow to “Captain Kestrel” and that’s probably enough to cover them on copyright.

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