Bags in action then buy

Hello. I buy in action 1 epik herro and 2 epik herro armi byt game not take me . And now i buy in action in information write what i buy epik herro and … game give me 3 normal army?! Wha is it?! You information is wrong!!! Now information is random in this action give you any on pikture action. Please take me back my crisstal are give me 2 epik herro and 4 apik herro army. RED SCORPION. Thank you for normality working game. Please wraite information normal and not change when buy any. 2 bags not give what see and not try information. 1 bag 2-3 week ago. 2 bag to day.

If I understand you, you are upset that you didnt get the hero pictured? If so, it is not a direct purchase, but a chance of getting any heros/troops at that level

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Not give 3 token epik - 1 bag. Wrong discription in stock - 2 bag.

Are you taling of buying a package? If so make sure it says guaranteed. If it does and you did not get then submit a ticket, if it doesnt, then there is only a chance of those items


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