[BAG] After the resurrection and re-attack, Misandra survived. What is it like?

I fought in raids with an adversary who had Misandra. I had a team of only green. The first time I killed Misandra with crystals, she was immediately revived thanks to her talent. I killed her again with Cadmon’s special kick, she was revived again with 1 health point, but since there were no green crystals where she stood, I collected purple crystals and … SHE REMAINS ALIVE !!! Plus, thanks to the accumulated mana struck me 4 blows! How is that even possible? Her even 1 crystal of ANY color should have killed, regardless of whether I have a hero of this color or not!

Any chance she was healed by some other enemy hero?

Or she revived a third time? Right after reviving, they shoot off specials, and like you said, she certainly would have been charged up by that point.

If she revived after Caedmon’s special hit her, she’s in ghost form til your turn is completed and can’t be hit by tiles. She can only be killed once per turn. It’s an unfortunate circumstance of the fighter talent. Seen it happen a few times.


All 3 purple crystals, collected by me, got into it after revival.
But I understood what happened: a few moves before the first assassination of Guinevere used the restoration of health, each hero recovers 170 points in 4 moves. I killed Misandra for the first time, she came to life, while maintaining gain and restoring some health. But then Kadmon killed her, while removing the gain from everyone, but Misandra came to life again, while maintaining the gain again, so she regained 170 health points again, and so the purple crystals did not kill her.
But in the description, Cadmon says that he deals 345% of the damage to the target and removes the gains from ALL enemies. And for ALL - this means for ALL !!! This means that the gain at Misandra should also have disappeared, even though she died, and she should have come to life WITHOUT STRENGTHS! But by some strange miracle she came to life with gain from Guinevere!



Don’t know, if I got everything right.

Talent actions will be generated at the end of a turn. Maybe Missies health was increased right before death.

Caedmon dispels after having dealt the damage.
If the damage killed the target, then the dispel can’t happen on that target, so she maintains her Guin’s buff.

That is an assumption, not entirely sure, as i never paid attention to such a thing.
The solution will be interesting though.


This is correct, and it’s super annoying. Same for Sonya, Evelyn, Frida, GP, and Seshat. It’s another reason Kageburado is such a good hero.

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The problem can be solved very simply: to make the revival of heroes without buffs and debuffs, which they received before the destruction. For example, when Alberich or Mother of the North enliven the heroes, they enliven them without everything, in just shorts :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Some heroes, like Atomos, do clear buffs and debuffs on revive. But that would cut both ways on the Fighter revive talent. I use Proteus a lot, and his DOT is great for keeping a Fighter dead :slight_smile:

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