Is there an Arabic chat monitor? I want to communicate with him

There are no in-game chat moderators/ monitors of any kind.

Reported messages/ players are dealt with by the in-game support team, which is in no way linked to this here Community Forum.

There are bad people who make false reports against us and unfortunately strong accounts are prohibited and we are strong and we love the game but they provide false reports and now the leader of our alliance is forbidden from chatting outside the alliance and he is also the person who buys more than the game (he is now angry and wants to delete the game) Please do not let him delete the game because If many friends go out, they will go out with him

Again, the support team are completely separate from this COMMUNITY forum.

Pretty much everyone here (myself included) are just players like yourself. Nobody here is able to help with Support Related issues.

To do that you will have to #contact-support directly. Click that hash-tag for instructions or visually:

With that I am going to close this thread as we cannot help on the forum.

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