Badly needed an advice

I badly needed yur advice pls. I have so many heroes some double n some 5 star n 4 star heroes. Pls help me arrage my defence team n what advice do still i need to do. Also who will ascent first kadelen or kasherek?

Looks like a straightforward choice for defense team. These are the 80’s you have available.

Alasie, Delilah, Gravemaker, Aeron, Tarlak

If/when you max Kadilen, you can swap her in for Tarlak. Or if you max Magni, I might swap him in for Tarlak as well. Duplicating colors on defense isn’t so bad if they are on opposite sides of the board.

Since you’ve got 80’s, there’s no point in maxing Kashhrek. The rest of your leveling priorities will depend on what asc mats you have available. As long as you focus only on the heroes you intend to max you should be OK. And I’m guessing you’re just looking to pad your war bench, so once you’ve topped off every hero at tier 4, you’d probably be best off by ascending healers and fast snipers. Zim should be very useful with her cleansing ability. Aside from her, I don’t see any hero on your bench that should jump ahead of the line of healers and snipers.

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I will never understand why a player with your roster would need advice from others… just follow your gut and experience until you get your own perfect defense.

True, just follow you gut. You will get your defense.