🦔 Badger Company wants YOU to join us NOW!

Who are we?

  • one of the coolest alliances in this game
  • we excel at teaching and coaching new players
  • we do have fun
  • everyone here has a life outside of the game, we play to relax and chill
  • nuking 10* titans and some 11*
  • 8 spots open
  • 1.4K trophies minimum to join us, if close we can make an exception, we are in no way elitist jerks

What are our rules?

  • hit titan daily, when you do that is up to you, use 6 flags on it
  • use all flags during war or opt out
  • let us know if something happens that stops you from doing the above, we understand life come first, however if you don’t pull your weight you will get kicked

I want to join NOW! where do I go?

  • reply here
  • contact “piberium” in Line app
  • look for us “Badger Company” using alliance search in the game

Who’s in the alliance?

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