Bad war luck

Had Wilbur up and blinded everyone with Justice. Got enough red tiles for Azlar to fire next turn. The computer gets the attack boost and Lianna one shots my Azlar piercing thru defense up and share damage while not missing due to blind. Then Sartana fires and doesn’t miss either. None of the enemies slash miss either. Couple of moves later no more healer Azlar or Wilbur for me but I blind the enemies that are left. Sartana one shots my Dom and only Justice is left. Couple of turns later I manage to fire justice one last time not enough damage to kill Sartana no tiles to hit her and she turns around and while blind hits me again with her special. That’s gotta be one of the worst war battles I’ve ever been in. Wasn’t even a bad board it was just Everything went the AI’s way. Incredible

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I can do you one better.

I fought a defense with Ranvir on it nad I took Inari and Drake. Inari had her buff on, Ranvir had his buff active and Drake had blinded Marjana and she still managed to hit my Rigard with 95-100% health and kill him.

What are the chances of that happening? Rather slim, but a lot like summoning that desired 5* hero at 1%, it could still happen.

I just had something of the opposite, in a raid. Had I known it would have been this interesting, I’d have recorded it.

So. Bad board (just useless red and blue matches the first couple of rounds). Tank Aegir still lives. Flank Kingston almost kills my Viv (just a few hp left). Flank Drake Fong hits my three greens. Wing Hel hits my Kunchen (with spill damage) and two of my green attackers. Wing Seshat hits Kunchen, almost taking him out. All this damage, and I still have five heroes standing (if barely), because they all hit someone different. Indeed the AI never targets Viv nor Kun again, even with slash damage, so after another couple of turns, I’ve scrounged up enough yellow tiles Viv can get my entire team back in the game, and with defence boosts ready to soak up the next wave. By this time, I even have a few green tiles to collect …

Kingston and Seshat hit again, and no doubt there was some slash damage as well. But still different heroes. I wipe the board with five heroes still standing: Bad board saved (and how!) by dumb luck AI. :slight_smile:


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