Bad tiles when on last flag

the tiles are always terrible on my last flag. it’s not even funny anymore. it’s always the last flag. no i won’t flask anymore because that’s what they want me to do. its easy to dismiss this, but people are going to realise this sooner or later

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I get the same feeling sometimes. Don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but sure is a sour taste and makes you want to flask.

I assume you’re talking about titans? I agree that it seems that way, but I can also say I have had some great boards on my first go at a titan, so it’s likely random.

I have two other thoughts; first one almost always gets more turns at a titan, so you don’t have to use a flask.

Second, on those rare occasions that I rack up serious damage, I want to use a flask then, too.

I am sure this doesn’t help, but maybe it’ll make you feel a little better?

Actually I was talking raids. Titan flags are allways low on the mono team’s color :grin:

But you don’t need to use a flask for revenge, right?

Right! Still, if I go raiding, revenge or otherwise, many times after a streak of good boards, the last flag is broken… tiles just don’t match… probably has no conspiracy to it, just happens, but it makes me want to flask and kill the SoB :grin:

I can empathize with that. I rarely initiate raids—instead I revenge anyone who has beaten me overnight and with tournaments, I can usually fill the chest. When I do initiate a raid, I only do so with multiple flags because I, like you, want to win and will use another flag if I must.

I also use every revenge opportunity available, but lately things have changed a lot on this matter. Now I rarely wake up to find more than three or four revenges available in my watch tower, even if I sign out above 2800. Not long ago, signing out with 2700 cups was followed by an imediate and unavoidable streak of attacks on my defense. Nowadays, it’s like 2700 cups don’t attrackt as much unwanted attention as it used to… no idea why this happens…

In my opinion bad tiles are a great money maker for e& p. I suspect e & p allegedly codes in tile colors opposite to what a player needs to a fight. That way the player would spend gems to continue the fight or use more resources which costs more. All my opinion and alleged.

Same problem, last flag of the raid I 80-90% got bad tile, bad board.
So recently what I’ll do is quit the game when I have 1 flag left. And come back again like 20 minutes or so.
So that I don’t have to care much on the last flag since the next flag is coming soon.

I doubt it sorry :slight_smile:

  1. Why should it?

  2. I think its because we all emotionally go in the last flag and have higher hopes to end up with a good and clean win.

  3. As the game itself, board etc. is played on your device and only the outcome is transferred to SG servers. Why would they put more pressure on their servers with:
    “checking if last flag. Checking color. Processing bad board, although its impossible to know how the players decides. Checking if its new moon and the device is put in perfect north-east axis”



Sorry, I have to disagree (politely, of course). There are several threads where folks have empirically tracked tile counts with various 3-2, 3-1-1, etc. formations. But, a more obvious, if anecdotal, observation is to look at those folks who have beaten your defense. In my experience, it usually takes one attack for someone to beat me (but, I so love it when it takes two!) and I most times can revenge with one flag.

If there were a “feature” of the game to give bad boards to attackers, wouldn’t I see more teams struggling to beat me? Wouldn’t it affect both me and everyone who attacks me?

I think we all feel this way, but it is perception, not reality.

Anyway, that’s my opinion.

I was just ranting about this in alliance, it’s not coincidence.

I’ll barely kill even one or two heroes, even when it’s a much weaker target.

I’ll win 90% of my raids but on last flags, I’m at 40-60%.

Sorry, but this one is just incorrect. With the betagate thing it’s proven that the next board is already decided no matter what team you bring so if you don’t run blue and actually knew about the next board that would come with 15 blue tiles you would just change to mono blue and obliterate the other team.

Waiting does indeed change the random seed so if you always saw the next board you could indeed log out and wait an hour and then come back to see that it would now work perfectly with your normal raiding team. The game wouldn’t consider how many flags you have at the time though.

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