Bad screen on ipad

I don’t know why in this version the screen showed in ipad has been reduced and the items in the main screen of map looks terrible. Please, In the screen of battles looks empty in the borders. Really bad.

Is there any way you can add screenshots of these things? That would likely help the developers understand that issues you are seeing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok. In a couple of hours I put one

I see this too on my iPad Air (1st gen), but I have kind of got used to it now. The battle screen does have rather wide borders on the left and right. But not a major issue.

See this poor update. Bored

So, anybody of the game developers said something about this?

on my wife’s iPad which is primarily where she plays, we see the same thing. there’s a gap on the sides, although there are usually borders in there instead of empty space.

But it doesn’t look bad to me either way.

So, any of the developers will pay attention on this?

I have an older iPad 4, it has the same 264dpi screen resolution and it displays flawlessly. Tiles on the flanks of teams literally follow the edge of the screen to target. So your issues are a surprise.

I do have two unrelated issues, however, one of which being quite problematic, which I’ll report from within the game to SG.

I hope you get it sorted because nothing in the settings on mine deals with the actual display configuration apart from brightness.

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