Bad Mana's - E&P pun and games

Just a bit of fun with word play… Satire, Christmas cracker jokes and embarrassing dad stuff welcome :yum:

@rook, can you move Trumplestiltskin here?

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Most likely they will stay away from any thing recent or current. But hey maybe the player base can just joking rename some characters lol

@Resol, I adore satire, and that is stupendous, but I can see any attempt to introduce politics to the forum firstly getting embroiled in verbal mud slinging and then producing more flags than the Olympic opening ceremony.

For the sake of poor @Rook, could I suggest a similar theme of punning - hero product placement?

I’m thinking ‘Bold Musk - the scent of Victory’, Belith sponsored by Glade airfreshner, and Tyres by Tryum - ‘puncture proof and Piercing Hit resistant!’

Rook says all is good with (clean) Satire :relaxed:


How about this guy?

Ilbebach, Attorney at Law - I’ll eventually bring your hero back on appeal.


Awesome! Based by your forum profile, can we expect some new e&p fiction in the community section?

Satire is fine as long as it’s clean. Please refer to the Forum Rules when in doubt. :wink:

I suggest a new thread for it.

Proooobably not, lol. I’m currently working on notes to turn my D&D group’s adventures into fiction. Also developing adventure modules for myself & another DM using the campaign world.

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Moved. :slight_smile:

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