Bad Luck Thread

For some reason recently, our alliance has gotten a bunch of blue 14* titans. And my slay-blue-titan team seems to be… pretty good. Good enough that if no one other person in our alliance goes for it, I think, “hey, I could go for the A+ on this titan without burning resources too hard and, maybe, maybe… this time….”

(Two more 14* A+)

One of these days, Charlie Brown is presumably gonna stop trying to kick the titan football.

—And I get it, that this isn’t really bad luck in the sense that even the data projects that tracked titan rewards before tomes of experience/etc had the very best drop rates for, say, 4* ascension items, at around 5%, so doubtlessly the tome of goodies rate is even lower and I should expect to do 40+ A+ scores before maybe getting a remarkable drop, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I just… getting to A+ on a titan feels like some effort, and so even even though a “meh” reward shouldn’t be surprising, it’s still plenty disappointing.


My precious 16 saved pulls… At least Aviana is among that bull****, but 16 pulls, 15 3* and Cyprian feels bad

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I wont even pull from that portal. I dislike that family of heroes. Terrible design.

Hey opening board, you forgot the blue


That really shouldnt be a possibility. Ludicrous.

I just wanted to try my luck with that secret hero 0,1% chance with those pulls. No hero but my insanity is higher for sure.


I havent pulled for one of those Secret ones either. I just assume they are reserved for heavy spenders for now.

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It is not SG loving him.
It is him loving you! :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thats more than 1k above the best defense I can field.
Your alliance is really pretty strong! :+1:

We must be crap then, we get beat all the time :sweat_smile:

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Got to work on these but only have 2 Tomes :cold_sweat:


You’re F2P as well, aren’t you?


Yes, been f2p for 20 years


Nice! Same! But I’m still a youngster. Only F2P for 12 years.


The pros of not receiving a legendary even if hacking the system. I have so many 4* AM i could earn quite some cash, using the usual prices they are sold for


This doesn’t really belong in this thread I think.
This isn’t about luck.

SG, how can you justify this.

This is bad programming and has nothing to do with gameplay.

Please respond.

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this thread may interest you

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Talking about bad luck. For me, Hero Academy is a joke…

tldr: out of 80+ retrainings, I only got a season one costume for Throne …

Retrain list
Hero In Hero Out
Magni Richard
Richard Lianna
Lianna Magni
Magni Leonidas
Leonidas Thorne
Thorne Joon
Joon Kadilen
Kadilen Quintus
Quintus Vivica
Vivica Kadilen
Kadilen Elena
Elena Richard
Richard Vivica
Vivica Elena
Elena Sartana
Sartana Vivica
Vivica Elkanen
Thorne Quintus
Quintus Magni
Magni Quintus
Quintus Sartana
Sartana Kadilen
Kadilen Marjana
Isarnia Khagan
Khagan Magni
Domitia Justice
Justice Sartana
Sartana Khagan
Khagan Thorne
Thorne Quintus
Quintus Azlar
Azlar Sartana
Sartana Richard
Richard Thorne
Thorne Justice
Justice Elkanen
Elkanen Isarnia
Isarnia Quintus
Quintus Domitia
Domitia Kadilen
Kadilen Vivica
Vivica Isarnia
Isarnia Elkanen
Elkanen Obakan
Azlar Vivica
Vivica Kadilen
Kadilen Vivica
Vivica Horghall
Horghall Lianna
Lianna Horghall
Horghall Magni
Magni Horghall
Horghall Vivica
Vivica Marjana
Marjana Azlar
Azlar Obakan
Obakan Leonidas
Leonidas Marjana
Marjana Joon
Joon Domitia
Domitia Isarnia
Isarnia Lianna
Lianna Marjana
Isarnia Sartana
Sartana Elena
Isarnia Elena
Elena Magni
Magni Thorne (Costume)
Leonidas Elkanen
Elkanen Obakan
Obakan Vivica
Domitia Justice
Justice Elena
Elena Magni
Azlar Thorne
Azlar Domitia
Kadilen Magni
Horghall Vivica
Vivica Obakan
Obakan Leonidas
Thorne Magni
Magni Vivica

How long has that taken, from start to finish?

First retraining was in September 2020. Last one was yesterday. I kept pausing the retrainings.

I am wondering why I am still insisting, seeing that the chance of getting a non-season 1 hero is zero.

Even if next hero is non-season one, the drop rate would be 1.2%, which is [censored]…

Not to mention, the best heroes coming out from Hero Academy are already pretty weak comparing with the current meta.


That’s a talent :sweat_smile:

Assuming you mean 2023.

Thats more support for my decision not to bother. What an absolute waste of effort :exploding_head:

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