Bad Luck Thread

We have endless threads where people show their good luck; amazing pulls from one free coin, beating the odds massively when doing a 30 pull, toppling monster teams with a team of rares and S1 wimps…you know what I mean. People who get the latest and greatest and show it off, causing you to blow your gemstack chasing the dream. We also have the “Something Positive” thread and the “Mystic Vision: Dont stop believing” thread. All showing people beating the odds in one way or another.

Well thats not the truth of this game. Its certainly not my truth.

So I want the opposite here. I want to see all your shameful missteps, your rage-inducing fails, your cursed luck from the rng Gods. I want details of the battles where you snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, or lost 120+ trophies trying to revenge a team much weaker than yours. I want to know about the tournie you were kicked out of on day 1. I want screenshots of the 100x pull you did only to land 0 x 5* heroes. The war where you dropped more goose eggs than victories. The streak of MVs that gave you nothing but objectionable ad content and 1* rewards.

No good news. Just cold, hard, negative truth.

Historical accounts certainly welcome, but stuff happening right now particularly. Consider it a form of intervention.


@Tidyup got the Legendary Tome of Ascension from this portal.

I could really do with one of those right now. Never had one.

Did my one and only pull. Got this;

Got loads of these. Totally useless to me.

I did 130 pulls for legendary troops. Got one. Raged? Damn l was.


Wow. That’s beating the odds in all the wrong kind of ways. I did over 100 in the Xmas portal and only got 1 x HotM. Did 50 in Musketeers and got 9 Feltons and 0 x 5*.

Pulling is self-harm in this game.


My most disastrous 10-pull was in Valhalla. Nine 3* dupes and a Kashhrek. :upside_down_face:


After finishing UT I did all coin pulls.

All I got was Jaco and Bagreg.

No 5* and not even a 4* from UT.


Fortunately I dont take this game seriously enough to remeber bad luck events very long.
Although I believe my last 10 pull gave me only 3* heros.
But that was a couple of months ago. :smile:

Happens all the time with a bad cascade in raids/tournaments or defense abilities procing waaaay over probability. But that is RNG.

I almost never do revenges.
I choose my opponents so that if I win I get 10-15 cups and if I loose I loose 40+ cups and I have still problems finding teams that are much weaker than mine! :rofl:

So far that has never happened. ( Knocks on wood )

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: 100xpull :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I never produced more than one potateo in a war, (Knocks on wood again! :smile: )

Yep that happens but why should I remeber that? :smile:

It seems I am to positive for your thread! :rofl:

Happened to me once, can’t remember the details. Blotted it out… :slight_smile:

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The last three Covenant portals I’ve pulled over 120 times, have yet to get a featured hero.


Wow thanks for starting this @Pr0spero . Really need this sometimes. Hopefully we can whine abit about the bad luck without having someone to come correct our comments.


I love you and your positivity, NORMALLY.

Here, it is not welcome.

Keep it up and i will have the doormen remove you.

I want bad news and plenty of it.

I want to soothe myself by knowing that this game is :poop:ing on everyone (because misery loves company).

I want a thread that helps me detach myself from the game entirely, by showing me the norm rather than the exceptional.


I once accidentally spent gems on a daily summon :frowning:



And 20 more :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I feel your pain. Did that on my first week of playing, clicked too fast… I almost quit then and there :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did it sometime in my second year which makes it worse!


Me too, amazing that my phone knows how to do that on its own in my pocket. It even managed to buy a $60+ pack on a different game before without my knowledge


My recent short slew of bad luck was from owls and the first two days of covenant. Probably 100 over combined pulls, and nothing. But I made it up with getting shaal, two gingers, and a frog prince later.

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My 100 recent pulls in summon portal and no 5*, not even HotM. Did 17 pulls in Legendary troop summon and all of them were rares. Yeah.

I’d appreciate if game made it up for me by handing me Darkfeather tomorrow.


I’ve also had at least one war chest that only gave me … 3 gems and all silver tokens. Terrible ratio of effort to reward for sure :slight_smile: