Bad luck streak?! Anyone else had the same problem recently?

Not that I’m complaining or something, but for me is like all AM sources have gone silent for a while. TC13 too… No 4* there in about two month… Mystic vision used to drop cool stuff from time to time. Since the christmas event started, nothing… usually only two rolls, always a potion of some kind or an antidote and a few gems (3 maybe 5 if I’m lucky). Also nothing worth mentioning out form the chests for a while (more than two weeks, I think)… Except for one compass I got from a titan, nothing… Even the last elemental chest was extremly poor. A pair of gloves, a troop token and some gems… much worst than usual. War chest opens tomorrow, win or loose, but I fear it will be a disappointment as well… Just hope this bad luck streak ends soon…


As far as tc13 goes, you should instead focus on getting to tc20 asap. I ran tc13 until I got (another) tc to lvl 20, but the chance to get a 4* is quite low in tc13.

Chests and mystic vision gives crap as a general rule. Once in a while, however, you get something really good, but that escapes your memory after another week with the usual rabble :slight_smile:.

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I know I get the Moderator Gold Pass, but I got darts in MW, compass and blade for a titan A and then a shield in my titan chest yesterday :grin:


That is what I’m talking about! I used to get that kind of loot at least once or twice a week…

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Uhu, your luck for 2019 is all spent after just 2 days! :flushed::wink:


I had like 3 weeks of crap loot, then it seemed everytime i turned around i was getting an unfarmable item! So, it really is random and could change at any moment


Lemme count you my story.

When I started to play, I joined an ally who was fighting 4* titans.

The first 45 titans I helped to kill, I didn’t get ANYTHING. None gloves, none compass, NOTHING.

Then, few weeks ago (maybe 1,5 months), I started to get a bit of everything (3/4* stuff).

Since then, it’s always by period. Like, I have nothing for 2/3 weeks, then I get things back for a few days, then nothing for a while, then a lot for a few days etc…

For me, it always goes by period so… Maybe the same case with you.

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That means I was super lucky before… TC13 gave me about 10 4* heroes in the month before it dried out… TC 20 is about two weeks away, maybe three counting the research.

Also true, but now they gave nothing in quite a long while… and I mean nothing… it’s been weeks since the only AM’s I got came from the event and rare quests…

Hope it does soon! 20chr…

I’m just getting warmed up :wink:


I have some sympathy for the streak-believers: that you can go through a long period with nothing but common herbs, but then suddenly get several goodies in a row from several sources. I’ve also had my ups and downs, no doubt (and I’m quite “down” at the moment) :slight_smile: .

The research wilk take 7 days and cost you approximately 1313000 hams! Not to be off topic, but i just got there myself!

It wasn’t like this before… I was happy with the loot I was getting even if it wasn’t amazing… but I was getting some unfarmables every week for sure… and now just plain nothing… it’s kind of hard to swallow this kind of randomness…

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Your luck will come back :blush:

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I’m quite down too… lower than the floor, I could say :wink:… Eh… it will pass!


Fortunately enough, hams are no problem at all. I got quite a decent stockpile. But I would skip that week if I had unlimited gems :sunglasses:

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Similar place, MV, Chests has been giving me anything except what I needed (Gloves), and aside from the usual herbs of awesomeness and 1 Gem of shininess, have been giving me trainer heroes, mostly silver tokens, and perhaps 1 troop token and 1 hero token.

My TC20s were a mixed bag, I’d say they were spewing out duplicate 3* for me for about a month and a half going on two starting from after Halloween. Recently gotten a little better, but I think is reverting back to starting me on another 3* streak again. More food for the masses, but I am running out of space to off load some of this surplus of hams (lack of ingredients to craft some of those battle items that uses a bunch of hams is another issue) and there is only so much I could upgrade my food storage until they are all maxed out.

Same here. Full tilt. Spent way too much trying for evelyn and couldn’t get it. To add insult to injury ifigured iwould use 3rudolphs to lvl another. Had 92% chance and still missed getting special up, lol.
Knew right there to stop trying and am on a spending freeze for afew months

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Getting nothing but trash from titan loot, war loot, raid loot, etc. Also getting total garbage board layouts for war and raids. It looks intentional.

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I had the worst luck also for the last three weeks never been this bad for me, it all ended up yesterday being the lowest point when I got the worst elemental chest I’ve ever received. Oh well I hope it turns around soon. :sunglasses:

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