Bad luck protection

We all know that the RNG is a bit too much in some of the aspects of the game. The bad luck protection is not a novel idea, and is implemented in many RNG games.

For example in Hearthstone, every 40 packs you buy you are guaranteed a Legendary card no matter what. It also scales - the closer you get to the 40 the higher the chance. Other games also implement it in different mechanics of their games.

I am not saying necessairly put it everywhere, but probably at some parts of that involve purchases?

Like in a 10 elemental roll get at least 1 4*. In 40 rolls, get at least one 5. For hero of the month it could be 100.

It can also be implemented to a lower degree in titans and elemental/chests. I would definitely would like it implemented to balance out non-color specific ascension items. (8 compasses, 0 gloves)

It is a common technique in RNG games and I think with carefully crafted numbers it would solve the dissatisfaction for many of the customers, as nothing would be more infuriating then getting a 10 3s from a 10x summon.


I like the idea of an incremental percentage increase for tc20 and the summon gate. The game should level out for people with “good luck” and “bad luck”. Same thing for HOTM. If you do a certain number of pulls, whatever that number is, you should be guaranteed the hero.