Bad idea to put Valhava on Sunday

Bad idea to put Valhava on Sunday. Many people prefer to spend weekends with family and friends, and not behind the screens of their phones. I think the event will be in the red

It lasts 3 days man…


You mean Valhalla, right?

Others love it as they are most free only during weekends, thus, ideal for farming.


I much prefer the weekend start, don’t get a chance whilst I’m in work during the week!

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There is no mercy for the weekend. Titan, war and events also take place on weekend.


It’s less than ideal for me, I work on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesday’s, the old schedule worked much better with longer Atlantis, and Valhalla, but it is what it is

Valhalva would be an appropriate name, imo.

It’s half as good as Atlantis Farms… I mean, Rises.

In seriousness, these events should be a week long. Just rotate through them every week. At this point, keeping them on a monthly schedule is running out of calendar space. An exception could be made for the current season; it could be a week every month or just cut one event short.

Do players still spend in the normal portal?

I personally prefer Valhava rises to Atlantis. The frequency of gnomes is much, much higher than the seadragons… and the drops they give are actually pretty decent. It is more expensive in terms of world energy of course and so is not as useful for general farming but for emblems, dragon bones, nuggets and food/iron it is superior.

Back on topic - my weekends are much busier than my work days but who cares? As someone pointed out it is 3 days long and there is no optimal scheduling that will satisfy everyone, particularly with so many different events to jam into a month

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