Bad Experience hope not be repeated

I had a small experience here and i want to share it with you dears so PLEASE read it carefully and if you don’t like it please don’t leave me a bad comment hopefully it maybe reach our game developers to make a small notice about it … My Small Brother had an account for this game after he saw it’s commercial and he is by the way paralyzed due to car accident and only used his right hand to control

Anyway we according to his psychological doctor which spent many hours with him suggest we gave him a gift for his birthday party as a huge amount of gems which he can bought LEGENDARY or even EPIC hero with them and he was so pleased with this surprise.

After one day we found him with his phone broken and have no talk with anyone and he was still like that while a week till we get his doctor in our home because he refused to even go to him

Anyway what we discovered that he bought a bunch of 10 epic hero’s which is contains five hero’s he already had and everyone of the five he had it twice in this 10 bunch of hero’s (5 hero’s x 2)

He is in a black mode like someone is cheated or tricked him and we have no idea what we can get to make him better again

Please i need right now to suggest a solution that the tricky system which the game had became in a lower level of tricky ways… May the system just gave him for example ten different hero’s was been better than five repeated hero’s or even gave him one legendary hero in all those 10 punch of hero’s.

Please Notice it’s just a game don’t focus on profits against dreams and hopes of the players… Maybe my brother is sick and a special case here but what i need to avoid not more like him you may not be noticed or even knowing about them

Thanks in advance for your time and concern


I can’t say I have the answer to your issue, but very sorry to hear of your brother’s situation.

Unfortunately there are many stories of disappointment and the game does not discriminate between those with money to burn and those less fortunate.

I guess you could contact SG and explain to them. Appeal to their better nature? You’d think they’d love a chance to show off their humanity at the moment!


Thanks for your Appreciation dear friend Lesley

If i contacted them they may think i looking for some refund or anything else like that… I think they monitor their own community well and i hope they give themselves the amount of kindness to those whom believe in dreams and luck in games and try to avoid to shocking them by the profits policy rules… GAINING PROFITS IS GOOD BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH AS A COMPARISON OF BEING TRICKY FOR THOSE WHOM STILL BEING DREAMERS IN A FANTASY WORLD

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Really sad for your brother and I wish him well.

I hope he can find some other thing to do to get satisfied of life despite of his health. Really hard I know, but honestly I think the last place where he can satisfaction is this game or any other smartphone game.


I am so sorry to hear about this and also wish that I had some words of comfort. We have had a few situations like this with other games with a member of my family as well, and things got better with time and patience, and finding other distractions. It may be that having his phone broken for a time will help him find other options. Perhaps the doctor can suggest things that have worked for previous patients before smartphone games became such a large part of many of our lives?

In our situation, there was also a sense of embarrassment - the person felt guilty for “falling for” the gambling techniques of the game. It’s possible there is something like that going on as well - perhaps, again, the doctor can have suggestions.

Best of luck to you and your brother. :heart: