Bad division of heroes


Good evening, I come to inform that I love the game, but this discouraging play because I find myself stopped because I can not get good heroes in ct 13 nor with the gems. It’s been almost 2 months since I played and I can not evolve because I do not see heroes above 3 *. As well as my alliance partners who have had a little more luck and continue playing I am more and more discouraged. I need better heroes more never comes and there have been many and many attempts. Very disappointed in the game.


Atena, I used two Training Camps lvl 13 for just over a month and got a 4* (Melendor). I have spent about $35 total in the game and now have seven 4* (including two duplicates).

I played most of two months with 3*, and the last 2 months with the 4*. Be aware that the game seems to work on the principle of a lottery ticket. You aren’t likely to score the jackpot…but you can. Just be patient and spend your money wisely.

Good luck!