Bad boards

FULLACK. And you always think “uhh maybe with that other team it would have been better” - I think my last flag in war is always my most relaxed one and works out better than the one before, that’s the really stressing thing for me :smiley:

But we have enough people moaning about bad boards, so I’m also allowed to do so. And I have a husband who even throws his phone away for this, shouting out lout some nice little words our child shouldn’t use in kindergarten :smiley: :crazy_face:


The way I see it, in every war, at least 1 of your flags is going to be a “throwaway” due to bad boards. On a particularly bad day, you might have almost all bad boards. It’s extremely rare to get 6 decent war boards. I never ever get mad at my alliance mates for poor scores, as long as I believe that they tried their best. Boards just gonna board. :man_shrugging:

I am trying not to throw my phone as much as I used to, as I now try to remind myself of how difficult it would be to retrieve all of that data if I were to permanently break it.

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Exactly. Everything in this post.

War is pressure. And I expect some of them to be watching because I do. I do like it when I see the other side appearing to struggle too, not just for snark but just that things can go awry for everyone.

Revenge losses, meh. I remember feeling a bit embarrassed the time I lost my 3 revenges on Kerridoc, but in the end it was outweighed by the fun of seeing him in my WT :slight_smile:

And ha @TGW “boards gonna board”. I’m stealing that one for next war.

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Why would the dev’s do it? It’s simple, money. Let’s say a 12 year old is playing this game and he starts off pretty well because the way they fixed the boards at those stages favor the player. Now the 12 year old is hooked on the game and thinks. “Hey I’m really good I can beat anyone”. Yet as time goes on the boards and heroes favor him less and less. He gets to say 3800 team power but consistently loses to players with 3400 teams in raids because he cant get any colors for his heals. In his mind he thinks well I need to get a different color heal or my team needs more. This is where the genius of the game comes in. The kid steals mommy and daddys credit card and buys gems to get better heroes in order to beat those other teams. It’s similar to the way random number generators on slot machines work. The secret is no secret at all, there are no such things as random number generators. There is such a thing as a programmer. The game is designed to make you think spending money will make you win. How else do you explain SGG was almost bankrupt and are now worth crazy money. They make you salivate for a product that will never truly deliver.

I am Jacks surprised Mesolimbic System…

Conspiracy theories will bore me to death some day… :sleeping:

Your hypothetical 12 year old is more likely to quit the game and play another one then. Maybe Candy Crush.

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