Bad boards: World vs. Raid vs. Titan vs. War

Question for the objective statisticians out there: has there been any research comparing bad boards (for bad starting boards and, more importantly, bad new tiles) across different game modes when color stacking?

My observation over the past 5 months or so, unsupported by data or analysis, is that I WAY more frequently get bad boards on titans and wars then in world or raids. It seems like the problem is horrific replacement tiles as opposed to bad starting boards and is the case for 2-3, 4-1 and 5-0 stacks. It’s really hurting the fun of the game for me lately and I wonder if there is some mechanic that alters “tile luck” in different game modes.

I am hoping someone already looked into it and can provide supportable insight. Grateful for any data-driven responses.


There is nothing worse then having ur special needing one more tile…just one…and it never comes. I can take a loss but when i get beat before I even get a special it’s pretty infuriating lol.

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There’s been extensive research on board bias, both for starting boards and replacement tiles. I believe, however, that it’s all been done on raids. Our working assumption has been that they’d use the same code for all situations—a presumption supported by SGG’s explicit statements that the boards are random.

I think it likely that what you’re observing is an internal bias—when the stakes are high, you notice bad boards more.


Could be, but I’m hesitant to draw that conclusion. Especially when comparing apples to apples (i.e., Raids vs. Wars), which is where it seems most pronounced. Hence the ask. Always appreciate @Kerridoc input.

Everyone in our alliance notices the same thing. Other alliances all notice the same thing. Only a handful of ppl on the official forum are quick to counter anyone who notices the same thing as if it was their job to persuade you otherwise. If you go in stacking a certain color, the starting boards are nearly always against your set up. Replenishing tiles are saturated with what is against your chosen color stack. Yes there is the occasional favourable set, but nearly every other time it appears rigged.

For eg: read the post titled -
Game Forces You To Lose İn Wars.

You will notice that they have included in the game a win loss modifier. wt#?
Why do my battles need to be modified?
Also through reading these forums I’ve learnt that defending teams get a 10% attack & defense bonus. I thought it was supposed to be a fair fight? They justify this by saying each side faces the same circumstances so therefore it’s even.
Meaning: because each side is being SCREWED OVER EVENLY, it’s now “FAIR & BALANCED FOR EVERYONE.”

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Also, in war, you are reducing your pool of top heroes as you go from strike to strike - so boards can feel worse and worse as your team’s power and synergy starts to fall off as you get to your weaker heroes.

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  1. There is ample data to disprove in raids that starting boards and replacement tiles are random and don’t change based on your heroes. This is not about “persuading” anyone, it’s just reporting the facts.
  2. The OP asked the good question as to whether these tests had been done for wars and titans. No.
  3. Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think

I run mono exclusively.

In the last 6 wars, I am 33 for 36 one-shots.

Many of the starting boards would be considered ‘bad’ (3 or fewer tiles of my colour, not matchable to start). But I’ve got a very good track record of leading wars in points, hitting teams 4100-4300.

It’s not enough to run mono - you have to have a well built mono team. And it’s not enough to run a well built mono team - you have to play the board VERY differently from rainbow or even 3/2. It’s an anti-cascade strategy, and while you may well be faster than me, it took me 3 months to start to get the hang of it, and 9 months later I’m still improving - showing that there is still learning going on.

I don’t notice a difference between raids and war and tournament.


Folks only remember bad boards; what about all the great wins that you shouldn’t have won with the team you brought. It’s really all luck and random that is streaky just like summons.

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Lol but do you and all your buddies have data?

If not then well quite frankly, you’re just talkin out the side of your head lol

Yea, I’m trying to keep a supportable conversation. Whatever the qualm, there are certain folks that frequently post on this topic with an evidence-based approach. Those are the folks I hope to chime in. @Kerridoc mentioned my Q hasn’t been explored with data to his knowledge - anyone else able to retort with support? Does existing data recorded allow us to separate and compare, for e.g., War vs. Raid statistics?

Do you have video’s uploaded anywhere that illustrate this concept? I’m not quite to a point where mono is an option, but I’d love to see this style it in action.

I tried a while ago but the quality was terrible so gave up. It’s really just about putting together a team w a healer, a buffer, a debuffer, a sniper or two… if they charge fast it’s better, if they charge together it’s better.

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