"Bad Boards" suggested solution

I know I know, there is some disagreement on what constitutes a “bad board” and whether a “bad board” even exists.

But bare with me here…

When you have properly selected your attack team (I mean really proper, not like "uh I like these heros…) like your team is set up to handle any craziness the defenses specials may cause…

And when you are strategically matching tiles to aim away from their problematic heros while also charging your team…

And then a completely random cascads of off-color tiles plows all across the board, charges all the defense heros, and you get rocked.

That, to me, is a bad board. And hey, it happens… that’s the nature of RNG. We deal with it and move on.

But what if:

The off-color (missing hero) tiles only provided minimal mana generation to the defense?

They still get the basic mana-per-turn, but now when you raid, it actually matters if you work the board strategically based off your opponent heros.

You’re still “penalized” for making incidental cascades, in the form of the opponent still gaining SOME mana.

But it’s not so punishing as to cause a loss with 1 unavoidable cascade.

And yeah, it DOES happen that way. It happens that way enough that I don’t even bother changing my Raid Team anymore. My selected team can clear the top teams even with “mediocre” boards where you have 0-1 on-color matches to start.


Anyways… I’m sure someone will come along with actual numbers of tiles needed and mana generated, etc. Which will either agree with my idea or make me look silly.

But… Just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the problem is it unfairly rewards mono. All good tiles kill in 5 or six and all unused tiles barely impact.

I get what you’re saying. But I’ve been in raids where I’ve had 4 off-color tiles fully charge enemy heros.

Most defenses are Rainbow with whatever the flavor-of-the-month tank is, the color bonuses for tile damage don’t really have an impact.

I run mono purple against the current Bera flanked by Frigg/Odin. Yeahz if I line up 3 tiles under Odin I can clear him or damn near clear him. But if I hit him with 4 off-color tiles, he’s firing.

I guess the best way to explain my point here is:

The amount of on-color tiles needed to charge a hero on Offense > The number of tile hits it takes to charge the same hero on Defense.

And offensively you need “on-color” tiles to charge. Defensively ANY tile hit charges.

Offense is at a disadvantage from the start. Which makes sense, to SOME degree, since the defense is at the mercy of the AI.

But when we’re using fast/average Hit-All heros, the AI factor is removed.

And even still, the disavantage to the offensive player should never be that big.

And again, I’m not saying to do away with mana gaindd for Missing Hero hits. Just reduce it to make the matches more of a fair fight strategically.

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SG always favored defense (see the 20% hidden bonus, defensive formations while attackers always use 17th century “all in line” style). Easy to guess the reason why. They won’t take any action to subminate any defensive advantage, ever. As for bad boards, they do exist and they are easy enough to identify, no need for fancy theory about them. Any player that has the slightest idea of what this game is about will recognize a bad board a mile away…

I’d be interested by the team composition of someone who plays exclusively mono purple? I tailor some of my teams beyond the set standard monos I use. Sometimes I go 3, 2 but some of those raids or matches run to up to turn 38 before victory. 50% of people have to lose, so I check my win rate periodically. The closer I am to Diamond, the lower my success rate (66%).

I just don’t see randomly bad boards to be an issue of importance.

+20 Alfrike
+16 Panther
+20 Killhare
+20 Seshat
+0 C. Rigard

Seshat, Panther, Rigard typically charge together first.

  • C. Rigard.
  • Panther middle 3.
  • Seshat either finish Tank or lowers problematic wing (depends on current board and the heros I’m against)

Killhare (and sometimes Alfrike) charge next match.

  • Killhare finishes middle 3
  • if Alfrike charged, she finishes the rest. If not, ghost middle till she’s up and it’s a wrap.

In the event that the opponent gets off their specials:

Seshat dispells any counter-attack, taunt, etc that may be problematic.
C. Rigard cleanses any problematic debuffs/DoTs

I stay about 2650-2700 cups (which is good for my Defense) with only using one round of raid flags /day on average. Unless I get a bunch of crappy cascading that causes me to lose cups on offense.

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So, @JustAGuy, you are one of those people who has a defense that gives me the horrors in diamond?

I should add that sometimes i have encountered people who messed up setting their defense team and put up a mono defense or a 3, 2 which are always beatable.

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:stuck_out_tongue: Maybe! I do alright!

But I had a raid earlier where I had everything cleared except Mother North. My Alfrike somehow decided to not friggin hit her.

But she had just fired so no biggie.

I ghosted tiles away from her (since it was only her alive).

And the board was so dry that she charged up, revived half the team, with their specials charged. They fired, and I lost…

… Silly crap like that lol

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