Bad boards problem needs corrected

Devs, please fix the problem with bad boards. It is not fun, it is frustrating.

A bad start is one thing, but game should be prevented from playing keep-it-away for turn after turn with the colors you need. This is especially true in wars where losing negatively impacts whole Alliance, not just wastes some world points.

Please to correct problems that frustrate players. Whether it is “fair” numerically by the RNG isn’t relevant. Your primary goal as programmer is to make game fun to play. That is what keeps people playing your game.


I totally agree. I don’t care what anyone says. Boards at times for a lot of people are completely rigged. The game clearly takes into account the color you bring, and the mana speed of the heroes you bring. I seem to always fall just 1 tile short after clearing tile after tile after tile. Mind you I have 50+ maxed top tier 5 stars only, 5x 11+ mana troops in each color, 2x 23+ in every color and 1x 29 in each color. Every team I play with either has 4/5 or 5/5 heroes at their mana speed breakpoints, and all have 19 or 20 emblems. I am a long time very experienced player, and this game just isn’t fun anymore. Sometimes I bring teams of 5 very fast heroes with lvl 29 mana troops and 4 colors just to test this rng and I still fire zero specials. That means I’m getting less than 6 tiles for 4 colors which is very very unlikely. The actual mathematics behind the chances of what happens during my tests are like me winning the lottery jackpot 30x in a row with numbers drawn from a hat.

My theory is that this game “balances” by controlling winrates. If your win rate is too high, it forces impossible to win boards on you to lower your win rate. If it’s too low then it forces impossible to lose boards to raise your win rate. I’ve tested this in MANY different ways over the past 3+ years. Only when you are in the middle of the 2 winrate thresholds do you actually get fair workable boards.

It’s plain and simple. SG/Zynga are CL early lying about how their board system works. They are also lying about many other things in this game as well. At this point it doesn’t even feel like a game anymore. It feels like more of a simulation. Sg decides who will win and then you just go through the motions. VERY RARELY do I ever feel like the heroes I choose and the decisions I make have any impact on the fight.

Trust me I have so much more to talk about and point out here but I’ll bite my tongue. I’ll close by saying SG are the biggest scam artists I’ve ever seen in my life. Very stingy as well.


So what is your solution? 7 tiles of the matching colour for every hero you are bringing to the raid?

This has been discussed over and over again, no matter how you want to manipulate the boards, the best and fairest solution is the one we have.

To have a random board and a constantly good amount of tiles for your stacked colour is just not possible.

You can accept that and have fun with the game or leave it.

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Bah !!

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I’m not a fanboi but that is a remarkable claim. Zynga/SG say absolutely nothing of substance at all ever except when they want to be excused from class actions for example.

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Want to be competitive and have a fair board, play chess.

Want to have fun with RNG, play games like E&P.

Strangely, the latter are more popular. Despite the RNG.


Why are there no posts from people who have had good boards? Last war i got 5 one shots from my mono teams. This time I got 1.

So you got a 50% ratio of wins with your mono teams overall. I’d say that’s pretty good RNG, considering you only went for one color.

The last two rush wars, I went 6/6, against teams all above 4570 (up to 4817), using all mono teams. According to this “theory” that should be impossible. I can’t remember the last time I haven’t gone at least 4/4 in wars, and I still win about 70% of my raids, which has gone down, not because of “rigged” boards, but is a result of the new formations and me trying new things.

I play strictly mono. According to the OP, this success rate should be impossible, as I would never have enough tiles to wing one battle, let alone 6 in a war.

Many people have run multiple data sets that show the boards are indeed random. But the conspiracy theorists “prove” that S&G is out to get them by saying “I can’t win wars or raids!”

Please use the threads linked by the studious @Ultra .

And, for what it’s worth, board rigging has been comprehensively disproved by both statistics and a bug in beta which showed boards are entirely unaffected by team selection.

There are dozens and dozens.