Bad boards episode 15

Ok the title is bad boards but the general idea is that this game has a lot of headaches for the player…

I play this game four years and nothing has changed for the better. Boards are always the same. Using for fun 5 same color heroes in raids or in war ends up in luck of combinations. What’s the point of spending money to get new heroes ? When the boards are against, the best team loses in seconds.

As for the summons the percentages of getting a HOM or Legendary hero are too low and sometimes seem to be … zero. After sixty summons getting 53 3* and 7 4* is a kind of frustration.

Resurrection is the next bleeding point. The 30% chance is nonsense … three or four times resurrection in a battle is like 90%. Imagine if the opponent has three Heroes of this kind…

As for the Wu Kong’s ability… I don’t want to mention … a board full of combinations can give a 70% missed attacks …

There is no strategy to follow … this is the first time that the code beats the player and there is no randomness… the game has decided the outcome from the beginning. I had also super boards that I executed the opponent in a few seconds. That is not also satisfaction…

As a conclusion this game has some good points and I keep playing. But the coders must not only focusing in creating new superb heroes that do actually nothing when they have no weapons to do their job … boards

This seems to be in line with

Everybody Gets Bad Boards

Continuing worsening boards


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Please use the threads linked by the effervescent @Oliz :slightly_smiling_face:

Or, for summons issues, try

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