Backroll button for raids

Hello Forum,

once again I pressed too fast “reroll” in raids and recognized milliseconds too late that the opponent would have fit perfect :frowning:
Yes I know. My own fault. :sob:
So I was thinking if we can have a backroll button to go back to last opponent when raiding. What do you think?

Happens to me at times and the thouhht has also crossed my mind

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Good to know that I am not the only one beeing in a rush too often lol


Good idea. It would be enough if we could go back just one time. Nothing SG should have problems with.

Absolutely @MrMeeseeks. One time is enough for sure…just to take back a mistaken reroll…

Would be really handy. Missed a friend that way few days ago…

Can you reroll the same person again if you keep pushing the button, by the way? Can’t remember that ever happening so far

I think i fought same opponents several times but definitly not at the same “chest”…

I’ve gotten the opponents a few times but never within the same reroll.

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Yes you can, if you reroll long enough (sonewhere like 50+ rerolls in a row) you start seeing the same opponents. Tho this might only occur in higher cups where there is less opponents.

@Sorsha yes! I do this so often.

Lol, I could just slow down a bit but when I’m at the top of my normal cup range, I just want anything under 3400 team power so I tend to burn a lot of ham on that reroll button!

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When i was in silver i often rerolled because i only had a look on second number and saw too late that the first was 2 instead of 3. Guess u know the “Aaarrggg”-feeling as well :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Happened to me too. Good idea

Lol. Dislexia can be a bitch. I think we should all live with our own impetuosity.

I added this fantastic idea to my list :+1:

Change those things SG

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This has happened to me many times as well and with the price of rerolls I think an accidental back button would be an awesome answer to this problem.

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Totally agree. I’d even agree a board with 4 or 5 enemies to pick one from.

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Give the opportunity in raids to go back if someone has reroll by a mistake.

I’ve skipped many times and wish I could go back because I was skipping too quickly


@Arxon 20 characters to say GREAT IDEA

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There have been times I’ve wished for this as well.

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