Backpacks after releases

Hi, i tried almost all the provinces in Season 1 and 2, and no backpacks after spending a lot of energy, i tried 8/7 6/8, 8/4 and a lot of famous provinces and 0 backpacks. The same for Season 2. Any idea?

5/8 is the big level for Backpacks.


I always seem to get a good amount in Season 2 1-2 hard. I have seen up to 8 drop at once. That is my go to when I need quick backpacks. Maybe not as good in energy spent but they seem to add up for me.


I go through cycles where I can’t seem to get any backbacks from S1 8-7 or 5-x. Haven’t run into that problem with S2. S2-1-9-Hard seems to give a nice number of recruits and never less than 1 backpack and as many as 8 for me so far. Swords often drop as well.

Season 2 hard mode drops a lot of backpacks, but yeah, hard mode :expressionless:

stage 9 has actually produced much better recruits and a fair amount better loot of me than 10.

season 2, 1-9 on either easy or hard should drop good backpacks, as will 5-8

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I used 4 loot tickets a few times on 1-10 hard. lowest I’ve gotten is 12, highest is that 18. A few 13s in between and a 16 as well.


huh looks like a wash on kits dropped between 9 and 10. 20 runs of each. lol


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Videos of the loot ticket runs. Named them S2P09_1.mp4 and so forth. Pretty sure they’re in the same order as the backpack drops in the screenshot I posted earlier.

Guess I should have made them season/province/stage.

They’re all season 2. :smiley:

I have had better luck on 9, plus many more recruits on 9. like in the low to mid 20’s on hard.

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I started doing 9 instead now. :+1:

You are talking about 2nd Season?

Yes, 2-1-9, either normal or hard, seems to be the sweetest spot for backpacks.

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Might be a RNG streak, but I haven’t received more than 2 backpacks per run the past few days and seen many more runs with zero. This is on S2-1-1 normal. Its been a big hit to my food production.

Just ran it 3 more times and got 0 / 1 / 1

Try 2-1-9 instead of 2-1-1.

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