Backpacks adventures

For when adventures to get backpacks ??? Just as there are adventures of recruits is another object much needed, I think more than many adventures that serve very little …

Try 5.8 for backpacks. Works for me.


I agree. 5-8 for backpacks, 8-7 for recruits


Agree with both responses. I will throw in 17-1 as a great level for a nice balance of energy/XP/recruits along with backpacks and hero/troop drops.

I farm 17-1 most frequently and here is the result from just a moment ago: lots of experience points, decent amount of recruits, a couple of backpacks, a hero and a troop!! (a great example why I love it!)

Yesterday I spent 64 energy in 5-8 and only got 6 backpacks

5-8 isn’t a 100% guarantee of getting backpacks every time; no level is. But it is the most consistent in dropping them.


I am going to agree with 17-1 above. I have just tried it a few times. Got lots of good drops. No troops but I have plenty of those. Backpacks, swords, heros, etc…

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