Backpack trauma!

Ok, is it coincidence or has the supply of backpacks been majorly nerfed since the update to V20? 2.1.9 hasn’t given me a thing since updating, nor has any other 2.1 level. I got a couple from 1.5.7 but struggling to get any at all today.

Is it just rng messing with me or are other people noticing a severe drop, or other levels giving better results?

Try this most excellent spreadsheet:

/tipshat @ Barry Farmz :slight_smile:

Been invaluable for me (and others) in farming, used it today for wooden swords and backpacks and got what I need so havent noticed a drop myself. fingers crossed its a bit of bad luck RNG and the worm will turn in your favour soon

GL, happy hunting :slight_smile:

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Its coincidence. This question get asked by someone after every major release (the item might vary, though backpack is a common one)


Yeah, just moved to new territory and salvaged a few… hopefully 2.1.9 will start producing for me again soon.