Background missing from level

I played Frostmarch 1st stages and enemies where there, but no background, totally blank white.

Next stages was normal. Any idea, which could cause this?

I’ve had loading issues like that in past, normally occurs with a network issue. Puzzle combat can do it as well

If video games have taught me anything, you just entered a secret level :+1:


Might be. :thinking: Never have happen to me before and I have played almost 3 years. I was wondering, if it’s bug in new update.

:sweat_smile::rofl::rofl: What do I get for finding that?!?!

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This is why you’re fighting for the Warm Cape. You desperately need it in this severe blizzard. It’s no bug, just a lot of snow… that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, if THIS video game has taught me anything, it’s something like 2 minor healing potions and 3 gems :smirk:


The reward is finding your way out of the storm. Good luck! haha

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Wow, that is much more, what I expected, I thought it would be just one gem!!! Party at my place, if you can find your way trough that blizzard and have your warm capes already!


The two extra makes it a special prize :wink:

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