Back to fuzzy heroes .. 15.2.1


Okay so we have fuzzy hero loads again @Petri


What’s wrong here ?


And the hero stays that way? or does it turn to normal after couple seconds?


she may be sick, she doesn’t look well :wink:


No it comes right … but we had this similar issue a while ago with one of the updates


Yeah noticed this the day of the update. It seems to be fine now. Is anyone still experiencing it?


Yes … still an issue


later some second, 2 sec maybe…


Did you try restarting your game or using another connection?


Ill do a phone restart and get back to you.

Not a connection problem same issue as last time maybe 10 updates ago.


No Petri complete phone restart also doesnt fix this.

What was the solution last time this happened?


Okay looks after restart that once you view and it clears the fuzzyness , it is sorted for that hero and doesnt happen again.