Baby damage of the heroes in raids?

Say dears, does anybody - outside our alliance - experience sometimes … and especially today … that the attack team heroes hit like babies?
With NO debuff active?

It has happened to me before, and it is happening again today. My heroes hit like babies and throw only cotton balls. They hardly do any damage at all.

My troops are the same, I checked that.
And I often use the same attack teams for similar opponents, so I definitely know what damage my heroes usually do. I have fought with exactly the same attack teams often enough.

Today, I saw Panther and then Sartana hit like a little baby ( both fully ascended, level 13 troops, fire 1st panther and then immediately Sartana, at the same opponent).
And then first Arthur and then Alasie (fired one after the other) took approx. one third of Grave’s health. Both. Together.

With NO debuff active.


Others in my alliance told of the same thing, when I mentioned it in ally chat.

Does anybody else experience this kind of thing

  1. sometimes
  2. today?

… I know that there is a small variance in the damage that the heroes do. But going from grenade launchers to cotton balls? Hello???

I thought of the opponent’s troops. Maybe.
But I fight at 2600+, 2700+ cups. Not too many level 30 troops in that cup range…

And I have beaten a player with level 30 troops before. On a good day. And most definitely not with my heroes behaving like babies and throwing cotton balls.

This is just weird today.


hahaha love this thread already :joy:

yeah, i totally have days like that when damage seems waaaay to low.
But I think it depends on the opponent troops as well, and sometimes I just give it to perception, when I match I do not track the damage made that thoroughly, and sometimes it simply catches the eye.

But for me it’s occasional, noticed it like three times in last two weeks…

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ah, good to know that I am not alone, and neither are my ally mates.

About the level 30 troops, please check my edit2.

This is just so weird …

Have you paid attention to see if opponent is using crit troops instead of mana troops, even unmaxed crit troops boost defense more than mana troops.

Only thing i can think of so far. If u already thought of that then sorry i wasted your time

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Ah, yeah, no, I’m not in those ranks yet, I’ve noticed this on lower levels like 2200+ cups with lower lvl troops

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I had this happen today.

I always check troops before jumping into a raid. If they are above level 15 I typically don’t go against that team. I win some… I lose some. But the damage when I hit is basically the same.

But today had cotton balls flying everywhere! I couldn’t even take out an unbuffed Viv tank. It went on for several raids and was enough to notice (Note: Not a conspiracy theorist here. Data is data and code is strict :smile:). Thought it was just me…

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Thank you, dears.

Yeah, troops were my first thought, too.
Mine and the opponent’s.
But naaaw … how can I win against a player with level 30 troops one day - with my heroes doing their normal damage - and then watch my heroes daintily toss cotton balls into the air on another day? Something is just weird.


Nope, you are not alone. Not by a long shot.
It happened to me today. Again. And to some of my alliance. Also again.

And then, later, everything was normal again.

And no, I am not imagining things. I know pretty well what damage a Panther/Sartana combo does, or an Arthur/Alasie combo. What damage they do normally. With no debuff active.

Just weird.

I’ve had that kind of thing happen. Not consistently or too often thankfully, but you’re not the only ones. Normally a Jackal Joon one-two will take down Sartana, but some days… it doesn’t. Gravy then swaps his special out to ‘Matches to Fingerscorches’…
I’ll take note of the troops next time it happens to me.

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There was a bug thread about this. I have not personally experienced this.
We would need screenshots or videos of this happening so it would be easier to pinpoint the cause of this (possible) bug.

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