🐻 Baby Bears can grow into something fierce!

Baby Bears is our name, growing is our game! We all start off as clumsy, awkward bundles of fur… uh, maybe not all of us. But once we’re grown up–hear us roar!

We are here to teach you, help you grow and eventually join our main alliance if you choose! All we ask is the following:

You have 600 cups minimum
You play daily and are willing to communicate
Wars are optional but you must use all flags if you have the teams
3-hit minimum on each titan
Be nice!

Search for Baby Bears! Leader: Aforementioned. :bear::smiley:


I like being a baby bear :blush: we have a friendly, funny and helpful environment. I only just started to play about 4 weeks ago. During this time I have received lots of encouragment, advise, help with all those questions a newbie is struggling with. Growing daily while enjoying the company of an awesome group :heart:


Baby Bears is still growing and learning. A supportive alliance with knowledgeable players. Learn the game, have fun, and grow fierce!

Baby Bears is the international training alliance for Stronghold My Beer!. We’re currently on 2-3* titans, and there is no minimum team power requirement for wars. Baby Bears is getting fiercer by the day, stop by and see what we’re about :eyes: :bear:

Close as Close gets - Victory for the Bears!

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Baby Bears are destroying 2* titans and growling real fierce at the 3’s.

We have wars for all levels.

Come say Hi!

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Are you looking for a place to learn while you grow? Come join us, we’re winning wars, hitting 3-4* titans, and having fun!

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This has been such a fun alliance. What a fun group to get to know. We’re helpful and no pressure. Please come chat with us

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After 5 (!!!) wins in a row, we finally pulled a team we couldn’t beat. :trophy: NEW TROPHY LIMIT - Lowered to 200 cups :trophy: Join up in time for our next win streak!! :bear: We’re here to help you learn :grinning:

We’re still taking recruits. NEW Lower Cup Limits

Y’all wouldn’t consider merging with us would you? Y’all are nine and we are 21. I bet we could do some damage together

Hi original Dave, thanks for your interest. What’s your alliance name?

WorldPeaceTreaty, and I have to keep typing because the 20 characters rule :joy:

I assume you’re the leader over there :grinning: Are you on Discord by chance? I have some questions/concerns and might be easier to message each other

I am the leader yes, I am not not on discord but I am on line. Same name as here

Lol, and I’m not in Line. I have 2 main items. We’ve been kicking our inactives after 3 days unless they let us know ahead of time. What’s your policy with yours? Also we’re intended as a training alliance for our main group, will it be a problem for you if people are recruited out of your alliance once they’ve grown strong enough?

I do kick inactives, unless they’ve told me what’s going on. We’ve been up to 30 members a few times and players leave. I’m not sure what else they want because every single time they leave it’s without saying anything. So we are kinda used to being left at the altar so to speak. I understand that it would be a training alliance, I do enjoy watching the ones that have joined us grow. So that part would be fun for me.

Let me talk to my mates and see how they feel. If we’re open to it, a couple of us would probably join yours for a bit and go from there. Thanks again and I’ll let you know either way

Okay thank you again for considering.

Hey Originaldave, sorry for the delay. Life happened. We’ve decided to stay where we’re at, but we do appreciate the offer. Good luck with your recruiting!

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