:b BUG?: tghots big us - fG rhd - g1



No defeats. 1-5% rank.
Not complaining since it’s more loot than I had from other sources.


20/20 woned
7500 points
Top 1%

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you have a ss?


20 char victories

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Yes! 1%-5% with 0 defeats.

Edit @_John_Doe

SS? I don’t understand.
Unfortunately, I didn’t took a screenshot from the loot :sweat_smile:

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you have ss for loot? or defeats?

same as above

@Petri this looks like a bug. or is it not?

people are asking

Raid Tournaments Maintenance Break (2 Apr - 9 Apr) - response; ty @Petri

no defeats , spare account got 5-10%
son has 1%
main here had 1-5%
never got an opponent over 3k power

Granted the rewards were better than any i have seen on any event/titan/war or chest bonuses in the last year

very curious to know how targeting worked as never lost a hero & most came up as dificulty scores of 1-50 .

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yup. it could be you were just outside the 1%. you had 7315 that was lower than my 7399.

ss with loot? did ranking appeared it that ss?

Sorry , I can’t figure it out. What is ss?

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screenshot. i rectangled ranking in first post of ss.

Didn’t took a ss from loot :confused:

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Yes I have zero defeat and my defense were untouched. I ended up on 1-5% at 15 minutes after the tournament ended, but 30 minutes after the tournament ended I was relegated to 5-10%, 2.5 hours after the tournament ended it became 10-25%. Luckily, I got my rewards while it was still at 1-5% tier.

30 minutes after tournament ended:

2.5 hours after tournament ended:

First day:

Second day:

Third day:

Last day:

Loots (taken 15 minutes after the tournament ended):

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and no ranking in ss.

ranking seems to appear only to 1% tier…

raidT is bugged… hope they will fix it…

I forgot to take the screenshot, at 15 minutes I was around 40 thousands, after 30 minutes it was around 80 thousands, now it’s around 160 thousands:

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I did not take any screenshot until I realized that people with less points than me were in a higher tier.

Thus is me with 7122 and 10-25 tier. (I only can add one inage as new menber)

And this one of the examples out there in higher tier with less points:


Whats going on here?

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20/20 wins, 10-25% omg…

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