☀ Azmia – Season 5 Hero – 4* Ice / Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Why buff a hero who is, if I read your message correctly, better than a S5 hero? Isn’t that a bit strange? :roll_eyes:

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For the power creep and buffing the already best heroes that happens all the time

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Azmia is a beast in my view, and brings so much to the battle. I wrote a review here:



It’s okay to send Boril back to the Mines of Moria where he can live out the rest of his life. Boril’s battling days are now over, and he is deserving of blowing smoke circles with his kinsmen.

Azmia brings so much more to the table than Boril does. Hoping you are able to summon Azmia on the next Dune portal. Good luck!


I’ve been reading a fair few of off topic posts in this thread (prior to the last post). Reminder to stay on topic. Thanks y’all!

I already had her at the time of writing a comment. I do think she’s fairly good but her only downside in my eyes is monk class. Having c Santa, Elizabeth, c Leo, Hanitra and few other 4* monks, can’t see her ever getting much needed emblems

Well this time they nerf the hero before I even finish levelling, kinda even worse, since I never get to have fun at all … but I may not waste my emblems/LB now. So I guess there´s good and bad either way. But the nerfing really seems to become much more common lately…

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I barely got to use her and I instantly levelled her. I don’t think you missed much if that makes you feel any better. Cheers!

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SGG puts the new definition on balancing. Nerf the heroes that can be obtained for C2P and F2P players and buff the heroes that are hard to get. Stop pulling guys if you don’t want to waste your money.


Even with the tweak, her base stat for an epic hero is still comparable to many S1 legendary base stat…so no reason not to finish up your leveling and have fun with it.


I’m still going ahead with mine, and thankfully happy with my HP > Def emblem path too :slight_smile:


Evidently the best path for her and with limit break she is still gonna be a beast!

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I’ve faced her only twice in raids.

Didn’t understand why they nerfed her

It’s sad that good 4s, who are more accessible for most players, have been nerfed

RIP Buddy, Ferrant and Azmia


Not going to stop levelling her just because of a nerf. Nowadays heroes are just suggestions anyway, they can get nerfs and buff with every game update…

Well S1 5stars are never going to get a free buff, they have been turned into a resource which can be turned into a useful hero through soul exchange. The alternative is to pay for costumes. Obviously it is fine for people that already have them maxed to keep playing with them, just count them as another 4star hero, don´t compare them to recent 5 star heroes.

But I think for anyone who is not completely FTP there is no reason to ever upgrade a S1 5star anymore.


Except some good ones with costumes! And the. Collector in me would max Horghall if I recieve his costume anyway.

I haven’t face her even once till this day

Costumes are a completely different story, they are not S1 heroes though.

Made lb and full emblems my azmia before Nerf. i refuse to say its a balance, because its a Nerf.
Azmia took iris lb and full emblems place in my main defense. Now iris regain its spot on defense , and its not the same. My defense its no longer that solid again. Inthink is a este to sg force US to spend more chasing gargoiles

The OP is adjusted the May Balance changes.

Really…they are not S1🤔?