Azmia Passive Cleanse

I regret I couldn’t get screenshots, but I used Azmia on CoK epic. When Azmia’s passive kicked in it did not cleanse the fire traps. The fire traps are cleansable, so I felt this may be a bug because it was triggered by her passive rather than part of her normal special or something?


the passive cleanses 1 aliment only. did you check that one was cleansed?

it is also possible some heroes had more than the trap aliments too


I guess I didn’t look that hard every time, but I am pretty sure some times the sole ailment was fire traps and it didn’t cleanse. The only option would be poison from mobs, but that effects individuals not the whole team. If the passive triggers after fire traps at least some heroes should have been cleansed.

Maybe I will have time to replay some epic missions to try and see, but now the aether quest is here too so we’ll see.


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Her passive only cleanses the last cleanable status ailment, so the attack down would be removed but not the burn.


O, I see. I guess her cleanse is different from others and I wasn’t paying attention. My bad.

Thanks @Star150m and @Sam-I-Am


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